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Robin Williams, father, son, actor, comedian. Many of these names might ring a bell to you. The famous Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1951. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Williams was bullied a lot during his childhood for being chubby. He would spend lots of time alone in his house, but he soon joined the wrestling and track team and realized he was very good at making people laugh.

Robin moved to California at age 16 after his dad retired. Where he finished his education at Redwood High School where he was voted most likely to succeed. After this he graduated and went to Claremont men’s college and he studied political science and played soccer. He ended up taking improv lessons for acting and he loved it.

But Robin left Claremont College and he enrolled in Marin College to study acting and he won a full scholarship to Julliard in NYC. Robin Williams met Valerie Velardi at Julliard and the got married in 1978. They soon had a son named Zachary.

Williams still practiced stand-up comedy in his spare time and decided to continue acting. He left Julliard after a mental breakdown and he went to an audition for a guest appearance on a comedy TV show and he got the part when the casting director asked him to sit and he sat on his head. Robin Williams also stared in a huge TV show called “Mork and Mindy”. The show got him a Golden Globe award. He also starred in “Popeye”.

Then in 1982 tragedy struck and Mr. Williams struggled with alcohol and drugs (especially cocaine.) It cost him his marriage and his son. The following year Robin hired Marsha Garces to nanny his son Zack. Then in 1987, Marsha became his assistant and they got married and had two kids Zelda Ray and Cody Alan.

He starred in lots of movies and “The Dead Poet’s Society” and he got a second Oscar nomination. Then he was in a movie “The Fisher King” and he was nominated for an Academy Award. Then in 1992 Williams played the genie in “Aladdin”. Most of that movie was ad-libbed and improvised. And he won the Golden Globe Award for “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

Robin died on August 11, 2014 at his home in California. He had apparently committed suicide. Robin had again been struggling with depression, drugs, and Parkinsons. Mr. Williams was a great man too bad he took his life instead of looking for help…

Personal Life

Full Name- Robin McLaurin Williams

Born- July 21, 1951, Chicago, Illinois

Died- August 11, 2014, Paradise Cay, California

Age- 63

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