Yellowstone National Park

By: Luke Thomas


Tribes have use the park as a home, hunting grounds, and transportation groups before the Europeans arrived. It was the worlds first national park and was established in 1872. It used to be fenced in and burnt due to the 1988 fire but now it is back to being a leafy safe environment for endangered species and all other animals living there.


In 1948 to 2005 in the winter the temperature was about 30*F, it rained about an inch, and snowed about 10 inches. In the spring the temperature was about 45*F, it rained about 1.25 inches, and snowed about 3 inches. In the summer the temperature is about 75*F, it rained about 1.25 inches, and snowed about .1 inches of snow. In the fall the temperature was 53*F, it rained about 1 inch, and snowed about 5 inches. Currently in the summer it is 70 - 80*F and rains in the afternoon commonly. In the winter it is often 0 - 20*F and snow is variable. In the spring and fall it is about 30 - 60*F and snow is common.


When you go to Yellowstone you can hike, boat, bike, camp, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, fish, and lots more.

Cool Facts

1.There are over 40 major waterfalls in Yellowstone.

2.Yellowstone was created before Montana was granted statehood.

3.Yellowstone has 3,000 active geysers.

4.Yellowstone is 1 of 30 super active volcanoes and the only one located on land.

5.Old Faithful erupts every 91 minutes.

Relation to Indians

There were 4 great Indian Tribes in Yellowstone or what they called the Burning Mountains. Yellowstone was used by Indians to hunt for buffaloes. The Crow tribe was a fierce tribe and stole many horses and weaponry.