Japanese Interment Camps

The truth behind these closed gates

The truth...

Americans portrayed Japanese-Americans as monsters following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They did this to justify the terrible ways in which the Japanese were treated. The Japanese-Americans were sent to war camps that the U.S. government portrayed as good places to live when in reality the Japanese were treated terribly in the camps. They were also racially discriminated against.
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An FBI agent searching through a Japanese family's home.

The FBI trashed and searched through countless Japanese homes trying to find traces of terrorism. The FBI did this for no patricular reason against Japanese family's who had done absolutely nothing wrong. Thus, the Americans were extremely unloyal towards Japanese citizens
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Japanese men signing up to join the U.S. army.

Contrasting the image of the FBI searching through Japanese homes, Japanese citizens were loyal to the United States even though the U.S. was unloyal to the Japanese. This image proves Japanese peoples loyalty to America because they were signing up for the U.S. army. They were going to risk their lives for a country that did not trust and were unloyal to them.