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Acton Weekly Update: 10/6/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

As you will learn in future chapters of our book, it's important to understand the perspective of our teammates. We all have unique personalities and approach situations differently. Please follow this link to a quick 5 minute personality test. Read your results over fall break and come prepared to the next PD to discuss your personality type with your team.

Personality Test


PD and PLC Agenda- Always subject to change but as accurate as possible for now. Please note on this calendar that PD/PLC/ RA/Core are highlighted different colors to make it easier to find. Also, we've had to swap some PD/PLC's due to Matt's availability and district wide PD demands. We will have a couple of Tech PD's but this quarter we will try to integrate tech resources into the PD of the week (as appropriate).The second quarter will be primarily focused on Mini-Lessons. Matt and I will provide you with a framework of the Literacy model we are moving toward. We've agreed to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME. There will be three main components of the new model.

1. Mini Lesson

2. Guided Reading

3. Word Study.

We are only asking you to focus on mini-lessons.

October 30 Introduction to a mini-lesson,

November 8th mini lesson review and working PD

Three weeks to observe Matt doing mini- lessons and to have him come watch your mini-lessons.

December 11th discuss how mini lessons are going and working PD to plan for second semester.

Q2 PD/PLC Calendar

Developing our Instructional Practices

Based on the IPLI survey data, an area we'd like to approve upon is providing all of our teaching staff with a better understanding of my "look for's" when observing in classrooms. Along with that, we will provide definitions, examples, professional development, and feedback on these "look for's". I'm very excited about this! After Fall Break, I'll begin sharing information on one each week. I will try to provide examples from our building and other schools along with spotlight what I'm seeing. For now, I want you to know what my MAIN areas of focus are:

1. Stated Objective

2. Gradual Release Model

3. Check for Understanding

I will provide you with more information as the quarter progresses!

Nuts and Bolts

Red Ribbon Week:

You can wear jeans on any of the days that you participate in the dress up attire.


Tuesday- Boots

Wednesday- Backwards

Thursday- SWEATS!!!!

Friday- Acton Shirts

Students can purchase NED show Yo Yo's in the cafeteria during lunch all week.


The open enrollment portal will be available beginning Monday, September 25, 2017. The portal will be available 24/7 from any computer device. Please remember all benefits eligible staff must complete the process even if an individual declines Franklin Township benefits and even if you just completed this process because of being a new staff member in 2017.

2018 Open Enrollment will only be available to be completed online and will be held from September 25, 2017 - October 19, 2017 for benefits effective January 1, 2018. AFLAC representatives will also be available during the onsite schedule attached above. Please read the information carefully and review the information in this email. The deadline for signing up or to make changes to your benefits is October 19, 2017. If you miss the deadline you will be unable to make changes to your benefits until open enrollment the following year. Below is the link to the information online via our website at:


If there are further questions please feel free to contact Kendra Diehl or Jill Britt.


Per Tyler's email--Pearson has changed the way we roster students in their online resources. This has also changed the way we access content. There is now a user portal for accessing content in Realize, SuccessNet, Essay Scorer, digital textbooks, and others. The IT department imports rosters nightly and ensures content is assigned to your classes. Please email helpdesk if you are missing students, classes, or content.

Beginning October 13th, Teachers and Students MUST access these resources from within EasyBridge, as the individual logins for each service will be disabled by Pearson on that date. EasyBridge is linked to teacher and student Google accounts, so you don’t have to remember separate usernames and passwords. You can access EasyBridge from the following URL (https://sso.rumba.pearsoncmg.com/sso/login?service=https://k12integrations.pearsoncmg.com/ca/dashboard.htm&idpmetadata=http://www.ftcsc.k12.in.us). Alternatively, you can access it via the “waffle menu” in Google.

Per Cindy Stafford email: Good morning, over Fall Break, Infinite Campus will be updated and this update contains some changes for teachers. Campus documents are attached that explain in detail. Please forward to teachers.


Ø Campus Instruction - the menu to the left has been updated and is now called ‘Control Center’

· From the Control Center screen, you will see all your sections listed, attendance links, score assignments links

Ø Planner – will be removed after 17-18 school year

Ø Reports (Planner) – will be removed after 17-18 school year

Ø To switch between Campus Tools and Campus Instruction, that area has moved to the link called ‘Instruction’…located right above the Control Center menu

Ø Creating assignments – the set up screen has been reorganized

· The new set up screen now allows a teacher to align an assignment to any section they teach (not just ‘like’ sections)

· On the Assignment Editor screen the Teacher Notes and Portal Description boxes have been removed by Campus

Ø Account Settings and the Log Off links - moved to the top right corner in the ‘person’ icon

If there are any questions, please send an email to database@ftcsc.k12.in.us.

Tech Team Meeting Notes:

Nadine's Lesson Schedule

Flash Focus Schedule

What's Coming Up


23-27 Red Ribbon Week

24 1st Grade Field Trip-Kelsay Farms

24 Grade 1-5 CoGat Trng

25 SpEd Elem Data PLC

27 4th grade field trip-Conner Prairie

30-11/17 COGAT Testing Window

30- 11/4 School Store Fundraiser

31 Book Character Dress up day-KDG and staff



1 60’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

2 Picture Retakes

6-10 College Go Week

6 Evacuation Drill

7 CPI Refresher

7 Counselors Meeting

9 District Tech Team K-12

10 Midterm Ends

10 Veteran’s Day Program

15 midterm grades posted

15 70’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

16 Major Saver Campaign Kick Off

16-Dec 2 Major Saver

17 All Pro Dads

Reaching All Learners

(From Lindsey Elliott)

We are continuing with Following the Rules

Some social thinking vocabulary definitions that we can add are:

Social Smarts: The type of "smarts" in our brains that we use whenever we are around other people. Social smarts help our brains to know that others are having thoughts about us and we are having thoughts about them. We use social smarts in school, at home, and EVERYWHERE!

School Smarts: Different types of "smarts" in our brains that we use for school learning. Thinks like math smarts, computer smarts, music smarts, science smarts, and many more.

Social Detective: Every one of us is a Social Detective. We are good Social Detectives when we use our eyes, ears, and brains to figure out what others are planning to do next or are presently doing and what they mean by what they say and do.

Remember, we can discuss these specific vocabulary terms with the students on a daily basis. Everyone has both social smarts and school smarts. When we use our social smarts we become social detectives! Social detectives use their eyes and ears, along with what they know in their brains to figure out what is expected and even what may happen next.

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