Save the them!

Don't let pitbulls be taken

the Pitbull that save his unit

Pitbulls are not vicious monsters,They are kind hearted heros who saved people in world war 1 and 2. Here is one of those many Pitbull that served the USA.

They can't lock it!

Pitbulls can't lock their jaw, Unlike Alligators pitbulls have the inability to lock their jaws

What would you do?

If you saw some new born Pitbulls would take them to the vet to be put down or would take them to the SPCA so they can find homes. You choose.

Stop the fighting

the reason that most Harmful Pitbulls harmful is because they where trained to by fighting dogs. this so called sport is when two dogs are put in a ring to fight and ether the losing dies from the other dog or the " owner" kill him or her. here is that tells the trust about Pitbulls