Tanisha Norris wilson

Most athletic person I know

Best basketball player I know

Tanisha was born in 1979. When she was new born she had an older sister but she died because my mom and her sister had holes in their hearts. My moms heart closed but her sisters didn't . When my mom was a newborn she was half a pound so her mouth wasn't big enough for them to feed her. As she grown up she had two brothers born,there name was Terell and Rick. She grown up with lots of family. When my mom was in high school she played basketball. I get all my skills from my mom. When she was in high school she met my dad RB lll. He was pretty athletic too, he played football and became on the newspaper.

Never be in the wrong place at the wrong time

One time my mom and my dad and his friends just got back from usc Trojans game. They stopped by the gas station to get some snacks and gangsters came and tried to threaten my dad and his friends. Then my mom kept begging them to leave them alone and then they drove off

Ryan-Blake Wilson