The Muscular System

By: Gaya Izik and Ethan Gasee

How the Muscular System works

1) Muscles called flexors allow your joints to bend. A bicep is a flexor.

2) Muscles called extensors allow your limbs to straighten. Triceps are extensors.

3) Ligaments are batches of tissues that bind your bones together.

4) When the muscles shorten it pulls the bones together.

5) muscles, tendons, and ligaments all work together in most of your joints.

Diagram of the Muscular System

How the Muscular system works with other systems

Nervous system!

The Nervous system controls most of the muscles in your body.

People have no control over the smooth muscle but the Voluntary and Cardiac

muscles are controlled by autonomic nerves.

Skeletal System!

Muscles, Tendons, and ligaments are found working with almost every bone in your body.

Voluntary muscle and the bones in your body work together to help you move.

Digestive system!

Smooth muscle in your digestive system helps push food through your body.

What can go wrong with the Muscular system

Your muscles could snap and not work. If your muscles snap the joint that there in will not bend.

If you don't eat enough meat then no food would go to the muscle so you would not be able to move because the muscle will not be strong enough.

Muscular System Song (Mary J Blige 'I'm the one')