Tech It Out! 1/11/16

This Week: Orange Slice Rubrics & Backchannels

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Lincoln Tech Updates

Interested in Discovery Education PD courses? They are worth 1 CPDU each. You can complete the courses on your own, or you can join your colleagues and me to complete them together! I will host the second session, "Digital Integration," after school next week. We will choose a date based on the availability of those attending, either Tuesday 1/19, Wednesday 1/20, or Thursday 1/21.

If you are interested in attending the My DE session, please fill out this Doodle poll. You have until Thursday, January 14 to indicate your availability. I will email interested staff members the session date later this week!

Google It! - Orange Slice Rubrics

Do your students turn papers in via Google Docs or Google Classroom? Next time, try out Orange Slice Rubrics when you grade! This Google Docs add-on allows you to create a rubric that you insert directly into a student's assignment. You can customize the rubric categories, score it, and provide instant feedback!

How to Use Orange Slice Teacher Rubric
Here's another video and an article that explains even more about Orange Slice Rubrics. If you're interested in trying it out, I am more than happy to help you get started!


Backchannels are an excellent way to keep all students engaged during class! The purpose of a backchannel is to provide a purposeful discussion forum in the background of a lesson where all students can participate at once. For example, students can participate in a backchannel conversation while the teacher shares information, while the class watches a short video, while students work on a classroom assignment, or while other students present projects.

The teacher always has access to the backchannel conversation and students should be given guidelines for how to participate in the discussion.

I know several teachers have used backchannels. Most recently, I saw Trina Courtney use Padlet in her classroom as a way for students to share vocabulary definitions. As always, I am happy to help you get started or demonstrate what it can look like in your classroom!

See a list of backchannel tools here!

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