Employment Skills and Life Goals

By Michael Hostetler

Top 5 Employability Skills


1 Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech


2 Work confidently within a group


Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation.


4 Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.

INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION 5 Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions

Top 5 reasons why People get Fired

Reasons why People get Fired

  1. Damaging Company Property
  2. Drug or Alcohol Possession at Work
  3. Falsifying Company Records
  4. Insubordination
  5. Misconduct

Thing Employers Expect out of there Employees

They want respect, for you to be on time, a good attidude, be honest and for you to have a good work ethic. These skills are important because they help the customer and they help by getting more custormers.

Life Goals

Top 3 Goals

My goals are to get all A's and have a perfect GPA. I will accomplish my goal by studying hard and work my hardest on every assignment.My second goal is to be the best baseball player in the state of Georgia. I will make sure I am the best baseball player in state by getting bigger faster and stronger than every one else on the field and work really hard on hitting and pitching. My third goal is to lead Kennesaw Mountain to win the state championship. I will make sure we win state at least once when I am here because when I pitch I am going to make sure no one scores and when I hit I will drive in runs and hit home runs.

Plans After High School

I would like to go to the University Of Georgia and play baseball. I would like to lead the Georgia Bulldogs to the college world series. I would also like to go to all the football games.

Career Goal

My Career will hopefully be me playing in the MLB for the Altanta Braves and be a picther only. I will accomplish that goal by working and practicing hard. I also must stay heathly and go to a good baseball college. I will train and work on different types of pitches, I also need to throw 95mph. I need to hit good and hit for a good average.


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