Fight Song Service Project

Ayushi Sharma

Organization I Worked With: CCA

I worked with the organization CCA. CCA had a program where people bought and donated Christmas presents for homeless people who couldn't afford them. We were told about the project in class. I picked a card that said I had to buy a board game called ‘Jolly Octopus’. I took it home and had my mom order it on Amazon. A couple weeks later, I gave the toy to Mrs. Melson. It helped others because a lot of homeless people had their wishes fulfilled by getting something they couldn't afford for Christmas. I would want to do it again, because it felt really good to give someone something they really wanted. Also, it's good to help people sometimes. I would recommend it to people too, so more people would get gifts. The more the gifts, the more homeless people getting helped.

Why Should You Help People?

You should really help people in need. It helps them in some way. It also makes you a good person. You have a kind of good feeling inside when you provide someone with something they want. When you donate to or help a homeless person or someone it need, it's a good deed. Helping or giving may sometimes save a life. This puts an impact on the world because once someone sees one person don't aging or helping, they might feel sympathetic and they will probably help too. We want to get as much as help as you can get. Then there will be a lot less homeless people.

Which Organization Would I Like To Work With?

I chose AnimalEquality as my organization. AnimalEquality is an international organization that defends animals. They respect each animal, believing that every animal should have a voice. I would like to be involved in this organization because they are very kind because they protected animals from abuse. They provide them with food and help them as much as they can to help them survive. They help according to our Fight Song service project objective because they help animals, which are also considered others. They donate money to local zoos and they go and feed stray animals. They show a lot of sympathy towards them and I think everybody else in this world should do that, too.