Modern Medicine

By: Owen and Jessi

Modern medicine is improving because of doctors trying to make peoples life easier and better.

Modern medicine is improving through the use of Health-care robots.

"The results suggest the health-care robots... may have benefits for some (rural) patients in reducing the need for medical care" ( 3). The making of the health-care robots are a result of doctors attempting to make life easier on rural residents by lessening the chances of them forgetting to take their medicine. The robots also lessen the need for rural residents to visit their physicians, thus making their lives easier.

Doctors attempting to find specified treatments for common occurrences in the genetic make-up of people who have type 2 diabetes is a sign of modern medicine improving.

"(This research) may help doctors offer their patients more specific ways to manage their conditions" (Lifescience 10). Doctors are trying to help people with type 2 diabetes by creating ways to help different ways to help people whose bodies have succumbed to the disease differently. These discoveries are improving peoples lives by making their conditions easier to manage.

The possiblity that doctors have the ability to deliver a head transplant is an result of modern medicine improving

"[The head transplant volunteer] believes his body is just mechanics that he wants to have removed"(Thielman 2). His body is just holding him back. The doctor is trying to give him another chance at life by giving him a head transplant.

Modern medicine has improved and will continue to improve as long as doctors still continue to strive to make people lives better.


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