Brycen Holshouser

"Its not over til its over" -- Yogi Berra

Something you do well...

Something I do well is play baseball and game on xbox one. Ive been playing baseball since i was 3-4 and its just in my blood. Also I've been gaming for about 4 years now. My brightest moment in gaming was on MW2 quick-scoping and trick-shoting.

Something you LEARNED last week

Something i learned last week was how to snapshoot in paintball. Snap-shooting in paintball is a big thing when playing speedball or Xball. It makes you be a harder target to shoot.

Something you love to watch/listen

I really love watching Roman Atwood vlogs and pranks on Youtube.

Also watching the Faze Clan Channel on Youtube and learning from the Pro's on how to hit amazing shots that they perform.

Something you can't live without..

Something I can not live without is my family,phone,xbox, and my baseball glove. I can not live without these things because they mean so much to me and mainly i bought all of them by myself.

I dislike...

Spiders and Snakes. They have always creeped me out and gave me the chills when I see one. I hate seeing them in the wild and in places where I am.

something about my childhood

Something about my childhood is that I've been riding dirt bikes every since i was 3 years old. My dad has always rode like I have so Ive done the same

Something you learned yesterday