Futuristic Times

By: Britney Carter

Advice Column

Dear Jumpman 23, I need help with a girl I don't know if she likes me yet? Because basically she's sending me mixed signals I really cant tell if she likes me or not help me please

Sincerely, mixed feelings boy

Dear mixed feelings boy, you can tell when a girl likes

you by her showing her true self to you and she'll like you for who you are and you just have to get used to the mixed signals that she sends I hope my advice helps you and your girl

Sincerely, jumpman23

Brain Jack Movie Review

brain jack is a tremendous cyber thriller that is sure to capture the imagination of people who are into technology . Sam Wilson is the main character he is a bright technology savvy he is very good at hacking but its gets him into a bit of trouble. Much of the movie is basically about the cyber attacks and the military becomes involved, introducing some real violence as well but overall it is a very good movie!

Feature Article

Las Vegas is gone destroyed in a terrorist attack. Fourteen year old hacker Sam Wilson has hacked into a big company and then he gets into a little bit of trouble and he gets sent to jail for a little while. Then comes along a big company asking him if he wants to work for them and Sam takes the offer and sometimes faces big threats through the hacking world but this brilliant young computer hacker prevents the human race from being deleted.
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Sam Wilon obituarie

Sam was a great hacker a great friend and he was always nice to others even if they weren't so nice to him. Sam would be remembered as a great hacker, eve though hacking is not a good skill he was still good at what he did. People will remember him for helping out the world.