Matthew Hutchins

Ceramics 1

Image 1

The Gold Bowl

I created this artwork because i thought it would look cool to have a gold bowl like thing with one handel. One problem i had making this artwork is not having enough gold paint so i had to mix some colors to make a gold. If i could change something in my project i would make my bowl alot bigger so it would look cooler.

The Mixed Candel Holder

I created this artwork because my mom wanted me to try and make a candel holder. I had a problem with making the holder even and making it big enough to hold a candle. I fixed this problem by using a stick to take the clay off that was uneven. and i used my fist to make the holder bigger around. If i could change one thing in my art project it would be to make it look neater and nicer looking.

Ellen Schon



Smoked fired clay

13" x 13" x 20"

In this artwork i see a bowl that looks to have alot of bumps and ridges in it also has points at the end of the ridges coming up from the bowl. The elements and principles in this artwork are. Sharpe,color it also has texture also it has pattern and unity. I think the artest is trying to say or express that not everything has to be what it normaly is and not eveything is perfect by the bowl not being a round bowl.

title of art peace

Laocoon and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84m in height

Art Critique of 'Laocoon and His Sons'

I see people with there right hands cut off and a snake like thing rapped around there legs. They also look like they are looking at something in the sky.The elements and principles i see in this piece of art work are. Form,neutral colors,unity.I think this art is showing a fight between a big snake aginest 3 gods and the snake has biten there hands off. It is a good artwork because it makes you wonder what is going on and what it is and why they made it.