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Art with Mrs. Flynn

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Forever Pieces!

Our students in grades K-5 have worked very hard this autumn to plan and complete a piece we call their "forever piece" - This is an artwork students would want to keep forever! Each student created an artwork that will be framed and on display for our Bright Ideas Family Night on December 17th from 5-7 in the HHS Gym.

To help you start imagining some of this amazing collection of artworks, here are some of the areas of focus for each grade-- Our kindergarteners designed an artwork based on a special day during the year; first grade worked hard to make their artwork bigger on the page this year; second grade designed a still life, landscape, or portrait; third grade focused on special places- real or imaginary; fourth grade chose an everyday hero to honor; and 5th grade could choose any subject or style! All students had the opportunity to choose the art material of their choice for coloring their artwork, and each created their own plan, so you'll see a wide variety of creative ideas.

It's incredible to see all the artworks presented together --- we hope you are able to join us at Bright Ideas Family Night! You'll have the opportunity to purchase the framed artwork that evening to take home - please see the flyers below! It will give you all the details! You can preorder with cash or check, or you can pay with cash, check, or credit card on Family Night!

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JES Bright Ideas Family Night 2019

Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 5-7pm

2400 Memorial Parkway

Fort Thomas, KY

You're invited! We only have ONE family night this year for Johnson - so you won't want to miss it! *This year the event will be located in HIGHLANDS HIGH SCHOOL GYM and the PAC.

Enjoy time with the whole family! Learn from student & community presentations including Cartoonist Steve Harpster, Cool Critters Outreach and MORE! Hear Student Performances in the PAC including our Johnson Singing Jaguars Concert at 6pm.

View our massive student art show in the HHS Gym: Every student, grades K-5, will have an artwork framed and on display! Families can purchase the matted and framed artwork for $25! See flyer for details.

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Adopt-a-Troop Donations were received!

Our 5th graders learned how to organize and collect donations as a part of our preparation for Veterans Day, and we're excited to share that the army troop our school adopted received our 24 boxes! Thank you all again for your donations!

Here is what they shared: “Thank you guys so much! You don’t know the difference you guys have made from the goodies and the cards. We have a lot of guys that got pushed into Syria but we set aside boxes for when they return. When we can get everyone together, I will send another picture! People asked specifically for the artworks to hang up on our lockers/walls. They love them. Sent some pictures – there are lots of camels out here! Thank you so much again.” -SPC Connor Kovatch

If any of students want to make additional artworks for the troop, Mrs. Flynn will gladly collect and mail them!

Library with Mrs. Zimmerman

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Author Visits

J.A. White came to visit our 5th grade students in October! They loved learning about his fantasy and scary novels. Students even wrote their very own scary stories to share during library.

David Biedrzycki visited our 1st and 2nd grade students at the beginning of November. He shared how he creates his books using technology!

Thanks to our wonderful teachers, PTO, and Highlands High School for supporting and helping us with our author visits!

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Kindergarten - We are beginning to learn about design thinking. We read a version of Jack and the Beanstalk and then students were challenged to create the tallest free standing item possible out of ten pipe cleaners.

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First grade students have been learning about schools from the past as part of their classroom Then and Now PBL. We have compared the past to the present and will begin thinking about what will happen to schools in the future though innovation.

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Second grade students are learning how use a print and digital dictionary!

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Third grade have been completing a collaborative Global Read Aloud PBL. Our driving question is: as Global Communicators, how might we share stories and develop connections with diverse groups of people and places? We researched Mexico while reading Stella Diaz Has Something to Say. Then students researched either Canada or Saudi Arabia and will create a project to share what they learned through research and connecting with their partnering school. Projects will be on display at our Family Nigh on December 17th!

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Fourth grade students have just finished creating a Bloxels video game to help teach others about online safety.
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Fifth grade students are getting ready to begin Genius Hour! Students choose to research and create a project to share about a topic of their choice. This week students are completing an interest inventory to help them decide the best topic.

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The 40 Book Challenge- All students in 2nd-5th grade have created a personal reading goal for this year. They will log the books as they are read on Biblionasium. Once a student reaches his or her goal, then he or she will receive a small prize from me. The homeroom that logs the most books will win a donut breakfast party! Ask your child about his or her goal!

JESBook Fair

Important Library Dates

December 4-13- Joseph-Beth Book Fair at HMS. Students will shop during library class or at family night.

December 12- Book Fair Family Night at HMS from 3-7. We hope you can support our library fundraiser!

January 23rd- Tamara Bundy will be here visiting our 4th grade students!

March 23-27- Blue Marble Book Fair at Blue Marble!

Music with Ms. Vanderpool

Kindergarten has been focused on recognizing high/low sounds through exploration of movement, instruments and music games. We also learned a fun song and dance called The Turkey Tango. Students have been encouraged to share their song at home during Thanksgiving dinner so don't be surprised if you get a private concert.

First Grade continues to explore rhythm with quarter notes, double 8th notes and quarter rests. We have created apple, candy and pie rhythms. Hopefully you have seen some of their awesome work on SeeSaw.
Second Grade has added some new notes to their repertoire. We are have added the whole note and half note. We enjoyed practicing these notes by using paper plates as instruments. In addition to learning new notes we also had fun creating our own music to create a live score for Mickey's Mouse Haunted Mansion cartoon.
Third Grade is working hard on composing our rhythmic compositions inspired by our artwork. Our goal is to play our creations on instruments and we will perform for one another in class.
Fourth Grade has has traveled from Africa to Europe. Our main focus has been instrument families. We are now diving into some research about instruments that are native to European countries while we also learn and explore their rich cultures and traditions.
Fifth Grade was phenomenal in planning and executing our Veterans Day. We are now learning to play ukuleles. We have been divided into groups and have chosen a Christmas song to practice and perform for the class.

What an AMAZING Veterans Day 2019!

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How can we honor and share the stories of our Veterans? 5th graders answered this challenge by partnering with all the classes from every grade level to create art, cards, and collect donations for our troops. All grades had the opportunity to hear and learn from a Veteran speaker, and they also beautifully sang a song to show appreciation to our speaker.

We learned so much. Thank you for our freedom. Thank you for your service!


CONGRATULATIONS to Philly, Caroline, Adalyn, Elliot, and Chaney. They have earn spots and will be traveling to Louisville in February to perform with the Kentucky Children's Choir.

World Language with Señora Dashley

What's going on in Spanish class?

1st Grade Spanish

We just finished our puppet shows! We practiced names and emotions.
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2nd Grade

Continuing monarch migration. Soon, students will take their booklets home.

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Artsonia: Students' Digital Art Portfolios

Students will be adding to their digital portfolios on Artsonia. Parents - you can easily add relatives' email addresses into your child's account, and then they will be notified when new artwork is posted for viewing. It's a great way to share students' creativity with family members that live far away! (Their account keeps artwork from year to year, allowing you to see their visual art skills develop over time.) Visit Johnson's Gallery to see all of our amazing artworks.

Many students have recently created winter artworks that are currently in the process of being posted to their portfolios - and Artsonia offers opportunities to buy products exhibiting your child's artwork, helping support our school art program!

Artsonia shared a special holiday promotion: Get 25% off any one item!

Use Promo Code: HolidayFunds19

Special offer applies 25% off one item's non-sale list price. Valid through December 16, 2019.

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