Internet Safety

By Ryan Fay

Make Passwords Strong

A good password is a password that no one would ever think of. Use many characters including letters numbers and special characters like hyphens, asterisks, and exclamation points. They should be at minimum 8 characters but they are best when over 14 characters.
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In this modern day and age of the Internet many people of younger ages are harassed by people over a screen. To help make sure that doesn't happen you can make a fake name on social media accounts and only add people you trust.

Lock Devices When Not in Use

Leaving your device unlocked is like leaving a car unlocked in a sketchy neighborhood.Not exactly a good idea. So you should do the same for your computer and phone.
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Sign Out of Accounts

Don't stay logged into all of your accounts a once, if someone got a hold of your device they could find a lot of personal information

Check Your Device

Check all of your device for unusual changes and malicious files.

Be Careful Where you Go on The Ineternt

Don't click on pop ups, or on any place that seems suspicious, its is usually up to no good. Be careful on the internet as many good places as there are, there are just as many bad places.
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