Choosing Your Path to Perseverance.

What is Perseverance?

"Great works are preformed, not by strength, but by perseverance" (Samuel Johnson) This quote shows that you can't reach a goal by physical strength, but by mental strength. I think that perseverance is something that takes time and patience. I also think that perseverance means not giving up, and you need to keep trying different methods until you reach a goal.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919. He was raised by a single mom in poverty. When Jackie was younger he started playing baseball, and he was really good. When Jackie became a little older he was named the regions MVP in baseball in 1938. Next in 1941 he was forced to leave his college UCLA because if financial hardship. A year later he served as a second lieutenant in the US army. Three years later in 1944 he was arrested for refusing to move to the back of a segregation bus. After he got out, he moved to Florida to train with the Royals, and he played his first game on April 15, 1947. After this when he was playing games him and his family received threats from people in the crowd and some team mates. A little after this Jackie was harassed by fans and many people threatened to sit out if Jackie played, but Jackie continued to play and ignored their comments. Next in July 1949 he testified on discrimination. In 1953 he said that the Yankees were racist and began playing with the Dogers. A couple years later he served on the board of the NAACP until 1967. He was the first African-American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. Jackie died from a heart problems and diabetes complication on October 24, 1972.

Steven Claunch

This picture shows what Steven Claunch's adversities were, and how he has figured out ways to get through this problem.
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Sandy Road

There was a group of merchants traveling in the desert, going to sell their food and goods. These men could only travel at night since it was so hot in the day time. Traveling in the dark would make it very difficult to see if there was anything in their way. The men got to their resting spot safely on the first day, but on the last day almost every thing went horribly wrong. Since they thought that they would be in the city the next day , they threw everything out. This included their water. The pilot fell asleep so there was nobody to navigate them to the city. The oxen went in a circle, and the merchants ended up in the same place that they started in the night before. The men had become lost, tired, and thirsty. The men can’t cook rice without their water, and the oxen cannot go unless they have water. A merchant told himself that he needed to find water, and so he kept walking and looking for water, and at last he found a patch of grass. He thought to himself, “There must be water somewhere below, or that grass would not be there.” He grabbed his men, and they started digging for the water. They finally got to it, and they all drank from it including the oxen, and cooked rice with this water. At night they set off to the city to where they need to sell their goods.

Leroy and Dartanyon

This diagram shows the differences and similarities Leroy and Dartanyon have. On the left shows Leroy's difficulties, and successes, and on the right shows Dartanyon's adversities and triumphs. In the middle it shows what Leroy and Dartanyon have in common.
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Eleanor Rooosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was a very successful woman, she had many adversities and triumphs. By the time Eleanor was 10 both of her parents had died. Eleanor missed her father dearly since he was the best thing in her life. Eleanor also lost her husband and her brother, this was devastating too. Even though she had these difficulties she became very successful in life. She got into the government because of her husband, and she was a politic. This job was great for her because Eleanor was a very eloquent speaker, and she was combative when it came to fighting for equal rights. Eleanor persevered through her childhood at boarding school, and she persevered through her adulthood, with people calling her names, and being overwhelmed with all of her work for the government. Even though she had these times she figured out a way to get through these things and became very successful.


All of these people have had adversities and triumphs in their lifetimes, and some were worse and better then others. These people have taught many people to keep reaching towards their goals, and to become motivated to try new things, and make new goals to reach one day. I have had many triumphs and adversities playing soccer. Facing these obstacles has helped me persevere to become mentally and physically stronger. Having perseverance has also helped me think more, and become a better soccer player.