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Education & Training Interns

Welcome to Northwest High School's Education & Training Internship Program

Thank you for serving as a supervising elementary teacher for the Northwest High School Education and Training Internship Program. My students are very appreciative of the opportunity you are providing for them. This infographic contains helpful information for the student’s experience in your class and school. Please let me know when and how I can be of assistance to you. The following procedures will assist in the implementation of the program.

1. Students will check in and out each day in the elementary office using the Education and Training Attendance Folder.

2. Intern students will be in your classroom from approximately 9:45-10:50 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Students will have a travel time back to NHS from 10:50-11:05 am to check into my class before 3rd period ends.

3. When the students come to your campus they should come in their Education & Training, NHS or your school’s shirts, their ID badge and appropriate slacks/skirt or jeans if appropriate. Students may also dress professionally. If they are not in dress code please note that on their evaluation.

4. If a student intern is sick and will not be on your campus they will contact you by 7:30 a.m. via phone or email and Mrs. Hamby before the school day starts.

5. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the student at the end of each six weeks using the Intern Evaluation (I will email to you). This will count as a summative grade.

6. I will be observing/checking on interns each six weeks. You may contact me by e-mail (jhamby@nisdtx.org ) or phone (817-698-1286) if you have any concerns or questions.

Listed below are the 6 NHS students that will be interning at your campus for the 2016-2017 school year. I have included their school email address for easy contact. In addition, I have included the Supervising Elementary Teacher Handbook for reference.

Cloe Allen

11th Grade

Intern Teacher- Colleen Reynolds

2nd Grade ELA

Jada Cheatham

12th Grade

Intern Teacher- Carrie Peck

2nd Grade ELA

Shelbey Gibbs

12th Grade

Intern Teacher- Julie Gavin

5th Grade Science

Taylor Johnson

12th Grade

Intern Teacher- Kristin Thomas

5th Grade Math

Megan Tekac

12th Grade

Intern Teacher- Christina LaPlant

5th Grade ELA

Nicole Terrell

12th Grade

Intern Teacher- Brenda Morris

2nd Grade Math

Jana Hamby

Education & Training Teacher Coordinator

NHS Room 817

Supervising Elementary Teacher Handbook

Please use this link to access important information, requirements and dates for the Education and Training Internship.