containment of communism

By Jordan Harris

containment worked

containment worked cause most of communism stayed in one place south east Asia witch has Vietnam, north Korea, Laos, and china with the exception of Cuba . china covers most of the area of the communist Asia. and since all those countries have bad economies they cant take another country even if they wanted to

pictures of the contries

Vietnam war

the Vietnam war was between north and south Vietnam on whether to be communist or democratic. when south Vietnam was on its last legs the U.S came to help push back north Vietnam so that vietnam isnt comunist but when north Vietnam was on its last legs the soviet union came to help out but later U.S troops left the m and north Vietnam soon took over


china's first leader was Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong was fighting Chiang Kai Shek & 700,000 troops and they forced Mao's red army 6,000 miles west and north in order to escape during the march Mao lost 93,000 of his men however, over the journey farmers and peasants were there to help and support.

after WWII Mao won the battle and Chiang Kai Shek's KMT fled to present day Taiwan Oct 1st 1949 Mao was the leader of the republic of china.

Mao wanted the country to be more industrialized but this was bad cause all the farmer weren't making food so many people starved.

Mao also brought lots of changes to the country there is nothing not about communism in the country no one can go any where with out the government knowing and no ideas about western democracies

Korean war

north and south Korea fought over the land. again we come over to push communism back but china buds in and pushes the communism in. but it was a seesaw war one side would gain land the other side would take it back. so they made and agreement to stop fighting for a while since it was a stalemate