For The Love of Dance

By: Jose Carranza

Dancing Courtship

Courtship is expressed in many ways for many different animals all over the world. The definition for courtship, at least by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is: the behavior of animals that leads to sexual activity or the period of time when such behaviors occur; the activities that occur when people are developing a romantic relationship that could lead to marriage or the period of time when such activities occur. So basically animals dance around each other to impress one another. Usually the females choose their mate. Most of these traditional courtship dances cannot be taught; they're innate.

Examples of Courtship

Do Mammals have courtship dances?

Yes, in fact, mammals do dance! One example of a dancing mammals is the Seal! They also inflate their nasal cavities and dance around to attract females.


Male jumping spiders "dance" to attract female spiders. I guess you could say they're some what of a tap dancer. They have coordinated footwork and vibrations to attract a mate.
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