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February 5, 2016

Math/ Holt

We had a great MAPS celebration yesterday. The students should be so proud of their hard work. They enjoyed a great treat as well as getting to spend time with some friends from other teams.

In class we continue our study of fractions. We are working different types of word problems involving fractions. The students are doing a great job showing their understanding of the concepts.

Please remind your child that he/she should be working on the math part of Moby Max. I only check that time. They cannot get credit for playing games or working on another part of the program. They can do other parts but it will not count towards their required 20 minutes. Their log on information is in their agenda. The school code is AR1353. The cut off is Sunday night. I have to count Monday for the current week. If they do not have time or access at home there are several times before school or during PE or recess that they can do it at school. They are responsible for taking advantage of these times. I do not know who needs to do it at school. Also, written homework is given Monday – Wednesday. It is a short review and doesn’t take them long to complete. Thank you for your help. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Studies

Welcome to February! We are going to start a new unit in Social Studies that should last at least 6-8 weeks on the American Revolution. We are going to start off with a lesson on taxes. I want to thank the kids on our team for doing so well on the colony assessment. The results were amazing and it is a direct result of hard work and studying! We will also start a new novel in class this week called Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth Sharpe. It is the story of a colonial boy in Maine who befriends an Indian boy. The story examines cultural differences and how they can be bridged.

Once again I want to thank you for the donations canned food items, books for Africa, and interest in Polar Plunge (for Special Olympics). Our kids are really showing that they care about their community and it is wonderful! Thanks for encouraging them to spread kindness.



In Math we are learning to interpret a fraction as division of the numerator by the denominator. We are also learning how to use visual models and equations to represent our equal sharing problems. We will continue to work on two and three digit numbers divided by one digit for homework. Please don’t forget to do your Moby Max.


This week we practiced capitalization, quotations, dialogue, the Greek root aer(o), and using quotation marks vs italics (underlining) titles. Reminder: is available at home and the minutes you spend on this site can be used for your reading log. The test over the Greek root: aer(o) will be next Wed. There will be 10 words on the test and students have those in their binders: aerosol, aerobic, aeronautics, aerate, aeration, aerial, aerie, aeronaut, aerial root, and aerialist. Next week we will work on writing an introduction to a persuasive essay using a hook and adding transitions into our body paragraphs. I’m really impressed with the scrumptious sentences coming in with the reading logs. Please check in with your children before Monday morning to see if they have their logs signed and ready to turn in. We have had a great deal of late logs after our Winter Break. Thanks.


We are continuing with our Ecosystem Unit. We are taking notes and having great class discussions. The students have daily homework of reading over their notes. I have explained to the kiddos how this is a great study technique. It will also allow them to see what they know or if they are confused on a topic. Then, they can come to me the next day with any questions.

School News

BFMS Dates to Remember…

February 11: Spring Picture Day

February 11: PTO Meeting 11:30

February 12 & 15: No school for students

Mark Your Calendars!

ACT Aspire Testing Dates:

6th Grade April 18-21

5th Grade April 25-28

Kindness Week February 15-19

Parents, Students and Staff… During the week of February 15-19th, BFMS will be partnering with a community Non-Profit organization in order to support our community kids in need. The Non-Profit we chose to partner with this year is The DEB Project (Deserving Enriched Blessed). This is an outreach program with a heart to help every child in need with clothing essentials. The goal of the organization is to provide an unmet gap in clothing needs to children who are victims of either disasters, economic distress, or are entering the foster care system.

How our parents and students can help!....

Tuesday, February 16th: Students can pay $1 to wear crazy socks in order to bring awareness to our students that a clean pair of socks is one of the highest needs when it comes to a child in need. Please feel free to also donate a new pair of socks or a package of socks (sizes toddler-teen)

Wednesday, February 17th: Students can pay $1 to wear a superhero shirt. This is to remind our students that ALL kids can be a superhero to a child in need. Please feel free to donate a new package of underwear, which is the second highest need when it comes to clothing needs for children. (sizes toddler–teen)

Thursday, February 18th: Students can pay $1 to wear a BFMS tshirt or BFMS colors. This is to remind our students that BFMS cares about others and strives to be kind. Please feel free to donate travel size items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap etc to help ensure these children have their basic hygiene needs met as well.

Friday, February 19th: Student can pay $1 to wear a hat. HATS OFF to all who participated in Kindness Week. Together we can ensure the students in our community are taken care of.

Cafeteria Changes

Effective Tuesday, February 16th students will only be allowed 3 charges in the cafeteria. After the third charge, students will no longer be allowed to get a tray. They will be sent to the office to call a parent who can either bring them a sack lunch or money to put into their account. The students are always made aware of their particular situation each time they either go negative in their account, or when they charge a lunch/breakfast.

For your convenience, you can access You can pay your child’s lunch account on line and monitor the amount in the account daily.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Kristi Foster or Amy Heffington

Earth Day T-shirts

The Bright Field Science Department is selling Earth Day t-shirts again this year! Forms went home in Tuesday folders. You can give your order form and money to any Science teacher by Friday, Feb. 19th.

Polar Plunge Team

Here is the link to our polar plunge page. Parents and students are welcome to join the plunging team. Please be sure to join on the team page.

Please feel free to share this link via emails, social medias…however, with whoever you can. Our goal is $2500 for this year. I know we can do it.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Orum

Weekly Happenings…


Giving Tree Club room 202 @ 7:20 (Mr. Anderson & Coach Ralph)

Lunch Bunch Book Club Library during 6th grade lunch (Mrs. Moss)

Technology Club room 202 from 2:40-4:00 (Mr. Anderson)


FCA room 104 @ 7:20 (Mr. Knoble)


Sign Language Club room 209 during 6th grade lunch (Mrs. Patton)

Sign Language Club room 107 during 5th grade lunch (Mrs. Kewan)


Young Riders Equine Club gym @ 7:20 (Coach Holland)

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