Government battles

Will C.

Cuba and its dishonest government

Cuba, a small island country south of the U.S. started with a bad Government, then got even worse. This country is a communist country. you may also call it an autocracy, or unitary government. ever scince thier leader, fidel castro took over. now their government has been passed on to raul castro and it hasent been looking good.

So cuba is communist, but why do they only have one party? Their one party is the Cuba Communist Party, suprised? They only have one party so no one can go against the government and raul castro can stay dictator of cuba for as long as he wants. They also have a unicameral legislative branch witch means that there is only one house in the legislative branch. Thier sufferage age is 16 which means that they get to vote when they are 16.

Cuba's Economy

Cuba and its country are a comand economy, with a literacy rate of 99.8% and unemployment rate of 3%. This is very great for a country like cuba with a comand and communist country, but wait, is this true? Cuba as mentioned is a lying country witch means that they probably write all of this down on paper and try to convince people to join their country.

Also notice that cuba's GDP is 77.15 billion dollars. If this is true, witch it probably is, it wouldent make any sense. You wouldent expect a country with a literacy rate of 99.8% and an unemployment rate of 3% to have such a low GDP. This means none of he workers get payed a lot of money and cant aford to buy high priced products. This makes it super clear that cuba lies.

Mexico and its government.

Mexico's capital city is havana and their government type is a federal republic. A federal republic is when they have most freedom usually and are allowed to have rights. Mexico has 19 states and their capital city is mexico city. Mexico also has a president voted on by the people which is enrique pena nieto.

Mexico's independince date is september 16 1810 when miguel hidalgo cryed of dolores and declared mexico's independance from spain. They are also a bicameral legislative branch which means there are 2 houses in there legislative branch. They have 128 seats in national congress and they have a sufferage age of 18 which means they get to vote at age 18.

Mexico and their Economy

Mexico has a mixed economic system. It is a mix of command and market which are both completely opposite.their literacy rate is 95.1% and they have an unemployment rate of 4.5%. That makes sense because if they have a very low unemployment rate the chance are they will have a much higher literacy rate.

Mexico has a poverty rate of 51.3%. This means half of mexico is under the poverty line which is really bad. But, mexico has a GDP of 1.161 trillion dollars. This means that they have been getting payed a good amount of money do they can purchase more items and also purchase more high priced items.

Brazil and their government

Brazil has a federal republic, or a presidential democracy. They have 26 states and one federal district. Their capital city is brazilia and they claimed their independance from portugul on the 7th of september, 1822. They are a member of the UN and became part of it on october 24, 1945. They are also allowed to vote in between 16 and 18 years of age

They have 2 houses in their legislative branch. They are the federal senate and the chamber of dep. in the federal senate they have 81 seats and in the chamber of dep they have 513 seats

Brazil and their economy

Brazil has a mixed economic system. This is a mix of command and market. Brazil has a literacy rate of 92.6, that is very good for the size of their country. They also have an unemployment rate of 6.4 %, that isn't very good.

Brazil has a poverty rate of 21.4% which is very good compared to the other countrys, it isn't even 1/4 of their country that is under the poverty line. They have a GDP of 1.8 trillion dollars. That is good because if they have spent that much money it means the workers are getting payed a good amount of money