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April 5 - April 9

Q 3 Grades close April 8th

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A reminder to plug your chromebook in at night and to bring your charger to school every day!

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Last week to donate supplies for Mansfield Animal Shelter!

SSC will collect various supplies for the Mansfield Animal shelter until April Vacation.

  • 3 gallon trash bags
  • Bleach/cleaners
  • Cat foods including Meow Mix ,Savanna Pride®,Friskies and Fancy Feast®
  • Dry dog foods including Pro Pac Wilderness lamb and rice or chicken and rice dry dog food
  • Canned dog food, any kind
  • Dog and cat treats
  • Toys
  • Harnesses/leashes/collars
  • Transport Cages

There will be a box in main lobby for your donations.

CRIP CAMP: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION | Official Trailer | Netflix | Documentary

Did you know?

The Disability Rights Revolution

Before the 1970's people with disabilities experienced discrimination and were kept out of schools, parks, jobs, and stores; many were sent away to live in state institutions.

In 1977, led by Kitty Cone who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 15, protestors occupied a federal office building for four weeks, the longest non-violent protest in the history of the US, to demands their civil rights.

Partly as a result of her efforts Congress signed the 504 Americans with Disabilities Act prohibiting discrimination against "otherwise qualified individuals." On March 21, 2015 Cone died, and was the subject of an article in the NY Times series called "Overlooked."

Hornet happenings this week

Computer Club is doing some 3-D Printing!

The Computer Science Club is halfway through their CAD & 3D Printing run and expects to have their creations printing by April break. After that, we will be working on assembling individual bot kits! We are looking forward to meeting in person starting May 3rd in Mrs. Elofson's room 171! Perfect timing for putting together the mini robots and running them!

Doesn't this sound like fun!? Contact Mrs. Elofson at to join the team!

Many clubs and activities at MHS continue to seek new members

If you think it's too late to learn how to dance, check out the video below!

Dance and NHS for Dance Arts meets on Tuesdays at 3pm. The club is open to experienced dancers, as well as beginners who are interested in learning about different dance styles. For more information, or to join, email
Meet The Dancing Prodigy Who Turned Down Harvard

The Voice

Maybe you haven't read The Voice yet. The Voice is a student club in which kids can write on any topic they want so long as it is "newsworthy." In the past we've had opinion articles, profiles of student leaders and sports updates. This week student writers published articles on world and local hunger, Covid 19 facts and how teachers have dealt with this year's ongoing challenges. We also have a story about how the Covid lockdowns have affected the entertainment industry.

If you would like to join we'd love to have you. Please contact or with questions about how to join our meets.

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Gender & Sexuality Alliance

GSA meets on Wednesdays at 2pm online. The QR code is on posters around the building or students may email Ms. McCarthy or Ms. Martinelli at or for an invite.

Business Club

Business Club is discussing the upcoming Virtual Business Scholarship Challenge. This year's challenge is based on Knowledge Matters' Entrepreneurship simulation! If any Entrepreneurship students are interested in joining to compete, please feel free to attend. Google Classroom code: fayys3w

Spanish Club

The Spanish club gathered to listen to music that was being featured in the widely famous Locura de marzo by Señor Ashby. If that sounds good, please contact Profe or Sra Johnson.

Email Profe at or Sra. Johnson at

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club meets virtually on Wednesdays during the lunch block 12-12:25 S3H. If you are interested in learning more, or joining, email Mrs. Cooney at, or drop by Room 232

A mission impossible style theft of priceless rare books stumped Scotland Yard- if you love a mystery, read on...

What is a career in the American Foreign Service like?

What Do Diplomats Do?

This week's featured job


A medical toxicology lab located in Mansfield is looking for students to work after school (and sometimes on weekends) processing samples and fulfilling various other laboratory tasks.

No experience is required however a passion for science and/or the desire to learn more about the medical field is preferred.

Shifts begin after school until no later than 7 PM plus 1-2 Saturdays a month with extra available shifts in the summer for those looking to work more! Pay starts at $13.50 with an immediate raise to $15 per hour after only one month of working. Must be at least 16 years old to apply.

This is a unique and fantastic opportunity to work in an atypical environment for high school students. Those who are considering working in a related field after graduation, this is your chance to get your foot in the door!

To apply, contact Ms. Sandman at to fill out a paper application and receive more information about the hiring process.

Did you know?

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Are you woefully uninformed about the state of current events in the world? The link below will fix that!

Publicize your club or event here!

If you want to include our club, event or other happening in this newsletter, please email by Thursday of each week. Newsletter will be published on Sunday morning.