Leadership is a skill possessed by few people. Those who do possess it often go on to do great things in life. Three leadership skills are the ability to speak clearly and powerfully in order to captivate whoever you are leading. Another skill leaders possess is knowing what they are talking about, and can back it up with evidence in order to convince a group of people to do something. A final trait possessed by leaders is the ability to take charge of a situation. Leaders can take charge if needed in order to unite a group of people.
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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a great leader. He had an incredible ability to speak his mind and ideas to people and they would listen. He would put things in simple terms so that people could understand him.

Ryan New

Ryan New is a great leader to me personally, He always seems to know what he is talking about and will back up what he believes or knows with evidence.

Mark Wade

Mark Wade can take control of a group of students quickly and efficiently to tell them something or to calm down a situation.