"Good" Bacteria

How bacteria is beneficial to the environment


When I think of bacteria, I think of pathogenic bacteria which are harmful to us humans. However, not all bacteria is bad. Bacteria is beneficial to society because of all the benefits we receive from it.

Oil Spills and the role of bacteria

Bacteria can help clean up oil spills. Crude oIl is a major source of food for bacteria. Once there is a unfortunate oil spill, ships supply the water where the oil was spilled with nitrogen and therefore, it becomes a place for breeding for bacteria and later cleans up the oil spill
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Decomposition and its significance

Decomposition is when substances are broken down by bacteria. Without bacteria and its role in decomposition, there would be no soil and the plants would not grow in the environment. There would not be life on earth and therefore, there would be no human race if it wasn't for bacteria
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Bacteria is extremely beneficial to our society. They clean up oil spills and it's the reason why we're here. Today many scientists are thinking up new ways bacteria can be beneficial for us.


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