Phoenix Flyer

December 20, 2021

Happy Winter!

Hello Phoenix families,

The 21st is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter. It looks like there will be some rain and cooler weather for at least this first week of break. Please remember, our office will be closed from December 20, 2021 - January 4, 2022.

As we are on break, this edition of the Phoenix Flyer will be much shorter than normal. Please note the change in the second semester schedule indicated below, especially that fact that our first week back will be 1/2 days for our Freshmen and Sophomores due to their college classes not beginning until the 10th.

There will not be another edition of the Phoenix Flyer until January 4th.

Enjoy the rest of your break, Phoenix families!

Correct Contact Information?

Please review our contact information below. Our school number is 805-378-6312. Some of our community is still calling our old number (805-378-1444) which is no longer valid.

We do not want to miss any of your calls, so please make sure you dial the correct number when contacting the office.

Thank you!

Scenes From Spirit Week


There are a few changes to next semester's schedule. Please see the revised schedule below.

Note these important changes:

January 4-6: Minimum Days For Grades 9 & 10

April 26: Minimum Day For Grades 9 & 10

May 13 & 17 & 19: Minimum Day For Grades 9 & 10

We will see you all back here on January 4, 2022!

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SVMMA Essay Contest

The Association of California School Administrators High School Senior Essay Contest is open to all public high school graduating seniors.

See information below to enter. First prize is $500!

Deadline is February 7, 2022.

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Social Media Information And Warning

There’s no doubt that we live in a digital world and as our children become more and more tech savvy in this digital age, it is important that parents maintain a vigilant sense of security when it comes to our children’s online presence.

Our county, and unfortunately, a high school in our community, have recently experienced incidents where our students have been victimized and extorted due to their social media activity.

Please be mindful of these dangers and share with your child the evil that can exist in our digital world. We want to keep our community safe and want to partner with our parents to help educate our youth to ensure they are mindful of their digital footprint.

Parents are encouraged to utilize Social Media Safety Tips to protect their children:

  • Educate yourself about social media

  • Establish an age limit for your child to start using social media

  • Regularly check your child’s privacy settings

  • Keep your child’s profile private

  • Have conversations with your child to ensure they are not posting or sharing personal or private content, including phone numbers or addresses, via electronic communication. Don’t allow your child to post photos or videos which jeopardize their safety or character. The private or personal content can be and has been used to embarrass and even extort individuals.

  • Never allow them to accept friend request from people they don’t know

  • Set guidelines/rules for their social media use

  • Keep an open dialogue with your child about the dangers of social media

If your child has been contacted or has information about any requests or demands for personal information, please call our office at 805-378-6312, or call the Moorpark Police Department at 805-532-2700.

LCAP Parent Survey

MUSD would like to invite you to participate in a brief parent survey to help us in the development of our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). You can find a link to the LCAP Survey on the MUSD webpage at

The following link will open the survey from this window: If you would prefer a paper copy, you may pick up and return one at any school office or the District Office. The paper surveys will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Friday, January 28, 2022. Access to the online survey will close at 4:00 PM on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Your input on school district priorities is important and we value your time to complete the survey. If you have any questions, please contact the office.