Friday Flash

Friday, February 6, 2014

Coming Up….

2/12, 7pm, K-2 Cantare Performance

2/11 ILT Planning Day

2/13 PBIS Team @ Training (Havenar, Salvatore, Sullivan, Wong)

2/13-2/28 Readathon

2/19 SSC Meeting (Ratto, Salvatore, Toller, Havenar)

3/3 Pacific Boys Choir Performance: 1:00-1:30 K-2, 1:45-2:15 3-5

3/4 Instructional Rounds @ Glenview

Appreciations to..

-Ms Jacobsen for helping the 4th graders make an awesome PBIS assembly!

-John Miller, Eric Ross, and Sandy Ratto who came to the first of many construction committee meetings

-John (again!) for representing 3rd grade at the PTA meeting

- Ms. Erica and Ms. Eva who are without a doubt two of Oakland's finest noon duty supervisors (rain or shine!)

-Ms. Martin & Ms. Jacobsen who are working on the text book room

-Ms. Smith for her continued willingness to serve as Teacher in Charge

-Ms. Lewis for turning our hall into an art museum

-Ms. Patton for actively pursuing the Intent to Return documents so we know how many of our students will be here in the Fall

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Adult ESL Off to a Great Start

Glenview parent Amy Prevedel started a six week ESL for Parent class this week, we had 19 parents representing five countries (Eritrea, Mexico, El Salvador, Yemen, and Vietnam). Amy is an experienced adult ESL teacher volunteering her time to teach this class and it's exciting to have such a great turnout!


Let's Talk About Boys….

As part of thinking about how to better serve our boys academically, we are starting three new interventions this week on a trial basis. We will be collecting some data on these three groups (and possibly more) to inform some of our planning for next year.

-Will Osser, who teaches in the after school math class, will be pulling a small group of 3rd grade boys to do math mentoring.

- Miss Erica will be doing a 3x a week reading group with five first grade boys who are either English Learners and/or struggling in ELA.

- Kathleen is starting a weekly social emotional group for some of our boys with visual impairments.



Third grade has started using some math apps in their rooms. Let John, Chelsea or Eric know if you'd like to either come and see how they manage this or if you'd like to try something with your students in your room. All three of us are happy to support you!

Kindergarten Olympics

On February 18th kindergarteners will come bring home a gold, silver, or bronze medal after competing in the event of his or her choice. There will be bobsledding, ice skating, and a ski jump competition. Looking forward to hearing how the Kinder team has pulled this together….

Writing Pre Assessment

I saw many people giving the reading pre-assessment for the new unit this week and I heard from many more of you that you are planning to do it this week. Remember to bring the student work and tally sheet to our 2/19 PD.


If you are considering retaining a student, let me know ASAP. We are behind deadline!

Readathon Incentives!

I've heard some great stories about what teachers did last year to incentivize the Readathon. I've agreed to eat crickets and kiss a slug (a tribute to my alma mater) if the school reaches the 65K fundraising goal. What are you going to do?

Day of Literacy will be 2/28/14.

Math Planning Dates- Update!!!

After talking to teachers and looking at the timeline for implementation dates, it didn't seem possible to get in planning dates before the units are started. Celia will join us this week to do some deeper work on the new units and link them to Academic Discussion & Number talks. The planning days we will be scheduling later in March to help support the usage of the common core (non-pilot) units.

Instructional Leadership Team Planning Day- Tuesday

Brouhard, Wolfe, Morgan, Smith, Miller, Collins, Witte, Ratto and I will be off site doing instructional planning on Tuesday. Please support the office staff to make it a smooth day.

Instructional Rounds. 3/4

We will have our second Instructional Rounds visit on 3/4. Please plan that a group of district office staff, principals and teachers may be visiting your classroom that day. The focus is still on Academic Discussion. More info. to come.


New Learning Spot Coordinator

We are excited to welcome a new learning spot coordinator, Mr. Bryan Anderson to our community. Bryan was a site coordinator for an after school program in the south bay for several years. He brings a ton of experience and enthusiasm for youth development and will be a great addition to our team. As soon as he completes the hiring process, he will be formally introduced to the staff.

What's up with the Construction?

If you want the latest on the construction project, our PTA parent Orsolya has created a webpage where we will post notes, updates, and info. on the project

Intent to Return/Grade Level Requests

Look for a letter in your box this week allowing you to indicate which grade levels you would be open to teaching.