Lincoln Weekly Buzzz

Week of January 3 - January 7, 2022

Important Dates...

1/03/22: First Day back from Winter Break

1/07/22: Coffee with the Administrators

Principal's Message

Dear Lincoln Families,

Happy New Year! We are excited to welcome your child back to school today. Below is a very important message that went to all families last night from the office of the Superintendent. Please take a moment to read this thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the latest information regarding COVID-19.

We are excited to welcome you back to campus tomorrow! Let’s continue working together to keep San Diego Unified School District one of the safest districts in the nation, as we do everything possible to guard against the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. Together, we are “all in” on operating safely for a healthy and successful 2022.

San Diego Unified is prepared to safely welcome back all students. We will continue following our safety protocols, which are some of the strictest in the country. These include widespread vaccination; regular testing; universal masking, indoors and outdoors; comprehensive sanitizing efforts; frequent hand washing; upgraded air filtration systems; and collaboration with health partners and agencies to adapt our safety standards to remain responsive to the changing conditions of the pandemic. We also have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for schools.

School leaders have been working hard to prepare for a safe return to campus tomorrow. Here is what you can do to help:

Test before coming to school today, Monday, Jan. 3

While it is not required to get tested prior to returning to school, we are encouraging students and staff to test prior to returning to campus.

1. San Diego Unified provided a kit of two COVID-19 rapid antigen tests for students to self-test at home before returning to campus tomorrow. We encourage students to use the iHealth COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit they brought home prior to winter break.

  • Please note that any student who has had a COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days should not use the at-home test kit. The test may be positive because of a prior infection.

  • If your students have any COVID-19 symptoms and/or has had a known exposure to someone with COVID-19, please keep them home and call your school for next steps before their return.

  • If your students test positive for COVID-19, keep them home and contact your family doctor and school right away to follow any further instructions before returning to campus.

  • Whether your results are positive or negative, please report the results at

  • Additional details on how and when to use these self-administered COVID-19 tests can be found on this instructional flyer - English | Karen | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Tagalog | Vietnamese

2. Students can get tested at their school starting the first week back in January by opting in to regular, on-site testing through Responsive Lab Partners. To opt in to testing, visit the Primary Health Portal to register for an account for your child. Please sign the consent in the portal and select the school that your child attends.

3. Visit the California for ALL website to find a testing location near you:


Home screening is also critically important. To stop the spread and keep our schools open, we need families to screen each and every morningbefore sending your student to school. Students who exhibit symptoms will be sent home until their school can rule out COVID-19 as the cause.

Students with any of the following symptoms should stay home from school until a negative COVID-19 test can be confirmed and the symptoms improve:

  • Fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher) or chills

  • Cough

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • Loss of taste or smell that started in the last 10 days (Unlike the Delta variant, many patients with Omicron are not losing their taste or smell)

  • Feeling out of breath or having a hard time breathing

  • Diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle aches or body aches

Get vaccinated

Safe and effective vaccines are now available for all students over the age of 5.

1. Students and their families are encouraged to visit the district’sCOVID-19 Vaccine website for details on opportunities to get vaccinated for free at school sites in January.

2. Visit for information about getting a vaccine through walk-in and scheduled appointments.

All San Diego Unified employees were required to be vaccinated or seek accommodation by Dec. 20, 2021. Employees who have not done so are out of compliance with employment policy and subject to discipline, which could include loss of employment.

Finally, the CDC and the CDPH have recently updated their guidelines for isolation and quarantine times, but there is no updated guidance yet available for school employees; the County public health order has not changed. Once we receive updated guidance, we will realign our protocols as necessary. Our staff members are being directed to always use San Diego County’s COVID School Decision Tree live. District policies will change in alignment with those updates.

We hope you and your family had a peaceful close to the calendar year and are ready to return to school tomorrow for an outstanding 2022! Thank you for all you do to make our students and schools safe and successful.


San Diego Unified COVID-19 response team

COVID Information from the School Nurse

This is our current process for sick students.

Students sick with any of these symptoms should stay home, or will be sent home from school:

☐ Fever with or no chills > 100.0F

☐ Cough*

☐ Shortness of breath

☐ Nasal congestion/Rhinorrhea (Runny Nose)*

☐ Sore Throat

☐ Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea*

☐ Fatigue*

☐ New Loss of Taste/Smell

☐ Headache*

☐ Muscle/Body Aches*

☐ Poor Feeding or Poor Appetite*

If your student has any of these symptoms, please isolate your student at home and follow these steps to return to school:

*If your student has a chronic pre-existing condition that causes these symptoms, your student may come to school if a “Certification of Chronic Medical Condition” form is on file. Due to these symptoms, please isolate your student at home and follow these steps:

• Your student may return 24 hours after symptoms are improving and no fever with a negative COVID-19 PCR-NAAT test (please note: Antigen and at-home tests are not allowed)

o You may send a copy of the result to your school health office

• If you do not wish to get a COVID-19 test, your student must stay home for 10 days after their symptom(s) first began, if their symptoms are better and no fever for 24 hours before returning to school without fever reducing medications

• If your student’s symptoms are severe or are not improving after 24 hours, please contact your family doctor or 211 if you do not have a doctor for follow-up and care

• Please send your student to the health office when returning to campus after being out.

• If your student tested positive in the last 90 days and again has new symptoms at this time, please call your family doctor and ask what to do next. Your student may return to school 10 days after their new symptoms started, or when your doctor says it is ok to return.

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Independent Study Contracts

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 must stay home from school and follow the county and district guidelines for quarantine and/or isolation. Parents must contact the appropriate School Clerk to initiate an Independent Study Contract for their student.
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Exhibition Appreciations and Reflection

After A LOT of work on the part of our teachers and students, our first go at an exhibition was so heartwarming, beautiful and encouraging. We were on cloud 9 watching our students talk about their work and present to students, teachers and in attendance. While many of them were nervous and more than a little scared, many also persevered and did their best. We know that we will continue to improve and grow in this important 21st century skill!

For now, please enjoy a reflection from Lori Williams who did an AMAZING job supporting this work and some pictures captured during our walkthroughs.

From Lori Williams:

As an educator, the week before break is always so exhausting, but this year the exhaustion was overcome by inspiration and pride in our students, teachers and leadership. Please take the time to bear witness to the great accomplishments captured in the photos below. In the most difficult fall semester ever, we in true Hornet Fashion overcame and showed out!!! what you see inputted below is especially incredible you consider the conditions of teaching and learning this time last year. GO HORNETS!! (please share to celebrate)

  • Kami Farohki’s chemistry students presenting to their peers their research and artwork to build a large scale periodic table.
  • Sharon Mitchell-Reynolds 9th gr English students performed a mock trial in our very own moot courtroom based on the book, Monster.
  • Christopher Dier & Eb Harvey’s Video Production students presenting short films from a variety of genres.
  • Courtney Cruz and Lauren Wilensky’s students Technical Theater students presenting poetry and short skits developed with the SD Opera’s Words & Music program.
  • Cassie Gately, Geanncarlo Lugo & Jeremy Jeffries Biotechnology and Engineering students presenting their research and solutions for problems in our world like using recycled plastic bottles and different applications of biotech.
  • Frank Alardi, Jorge Hernandez and Geanncarlo’s Medical and Emergency Services students presented their findings from the 30 day health challenge and solutions to identified health barriers.
  • Jonah Perine’s Band and Orchestra students brought back the music to our beautiful theater for and their families made a great show of support!
  • A special thanks to our administration, Stephanie Brown and Melissa Agudelo, the CCTE and PBL team Tom Antl and Chris Millow for lifting the vision, and supporting the work it takes to make these moments happen.

L6 - Saturday School

"L6" Lincoln 6th Day of School (also known as Saturday School) is an additional instructional day offering academic support in various core subject areas to help students reach their academic goals. L6 program is designed based on the need of the school community and students registered to attend. L6 provides instruction for a minimum of four (4) hours 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and must conform to the regular minimum school day requirements. A nutritious meal provided by SDUSD’s Food Services Department will be offered to all participating students during the instructional day.

Currently L6 will be offering Math and English support for those students that need extra help. In the near future, we will be implementing additional core subject curriculum, including

but not limited to physical education, arts, music, theatre, online learning, robotics, technology, etc. to help support specific student needs.

Students attending may make up all day school absents and class tardies, while participating in the L6 instructional day.

L6 participation is made available to all students on a voluntary

basis and is funded by sites recovering Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for

full day absences.

Students must enroll to participate by the Thursday prior to the next L6 session. Students can enroll ----->HERE<----- or scan the QR code above.

Attendance Office & Enrollment

Please call or email our attendance office if your student will be out. Alpha Assignments...

* Habla Español

Counseling Website - Click here

Click here for the up to date information from the Counseling Department

Work Permits - Click Here

Work Permits are now obtained through the District. All minors under age 18 must have a work permit. Please click here for more information.

Athletics Department

Attention ALL returning Hornets! The Lincoln Athletics Program is in need of athletes to fill up our 2021-22 Season! No prior experience necessary! Just come with an open mind, a positive attitude and the willingness to put in some work. Simply scan the QR Code below, sign into your google account to complete the Google Form and we will be in touch! We’re looking forward to your participation.


2021-22 athletic physical packets have officially been posted to as of Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The San Diego Unified School District is offering a one year grace period where the physicals for the 2021-22 school year are acceptable one year from their date of clearance; however in the 2022-23 school year, all physicals will need to be completed after June 1st to be covered for the entirety of the 2022-23 school year

ASB Updates

MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports)

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Team at Lincoln provides proactive academic, social-emotional and behavioral strategies for students with various needs.

You can assist students in receiving the supports they need to be successful by emailing their counselor for academic support or refer students using the Intervention Referral Form on the counseling website for social-emotion and basic needs.

Reasons to Complete the Intervention Referral Form:

-If a student is struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, self harm or any other mental health issues

- If a student is going without basic needs (housing, food, hygiene products, clothing, etc.)

- If a student has a general health issues (vision, sick visit, hearing, etc.)

Intervention Referral Form - English

Intervention Referral Form - Spanish

Nursing & Wellness

Sick and symptomatic students must not come to school. Please contact the School Nurse if your student has a chronic condition she needs to be aware of. Please contact the School Nurse Ms.Bree Williamson at or at (619) 266-6500 ext. 3050 or the Health Technician Ms. Deen Liwanag at or at (619) 266-6500 ext. 2137. Please contact our attendance office and report your student’s absence if he/she/they are unable to attend classes in person or on-line.

Testing Information for Students

All families are now required to make a choice on Covid testing at the start of the new school year. Every family must complete the below form and submit their response online at this time. Free Covid testing in school not only helps prevent the spread of the virus, but it also helps more students stay in school and continue their education.

To opt-in for testing for your child, please complete the COVID-19 Testing Acknowledgement Form on PowerSchool. Please Note: A PowerSchool Username and Password will be required to complete this form. If you do not have the Access ID and Password for your student, please contact Ms. Jarvis at to obtain this information.

If you prefer filling the form out on paper, please complete and turn it into your school's front office: English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Arabic | Somali | Swahili

See job aid: English | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Arabic | Somali | Swahili

Transcript Request

All Transcript Requests must be made using the following google form:

-All current Lincoln High Students and Alumni/ Former Students of Lincoln High from the class of 2015 to 2025:

USE THE FOLLOWING LINK LHS Transcript Request Form C/O 2015-2025

**Please note Alumni/Former LHS Students: Copy/Picture of government issued ID is required. Allow 5 business days for processing.

High School Registrar: Ms. Molina-Cordova


How to get help with...

Student and Family Support Hotline

We have established a hotline for students, parents and guardians who need support in accessing live zoom classes. The hotline is open Monday – Friday from 8:15am – 11:45am.

English & Spanish 619-732-6282

Technology Support

If you need help with your district Chromebook or other devices used for Online Learning, contact the Distance Learning Technical Support Line at (619) 732-1400.
Hours of operation are 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

Textbooks (Drop off and Pick Up)

Please contact our Library Tech, Ms. Liwanag at or 619-266-6500 ext. 3055 to schedule an appointment.

Parent Portal

Please contact our SIS Site Tech, Ms. Jarvis at or 619-266-6500 ext. 2609 for assistance.

Family Engagement

Please take a moment to review our district’s Family Engagement Website to learn about Parent Leadership opportunities, workshops, resources and more.