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PROLOGUE:This is a two act eTwinning project.In the first act,we will work on the issues that separate the people such as radicalization,labeling people.In the second act,we will work on common values that connects people such as common cultural heritage.

Our project is aimed at preventing radicalization and promoting tolerance among the young people.We intend the project deepen the importance of social inclusion in today’s diverse societies with an emphasis on common EU values.Students accept others who have different religious beliefs,cultural and ethnic background.The project also offers great chance for the students to practise their foreign language and develop their digital skills.


The projects intends the students;

to raise their awareness of the issue of radicalization

to comprehend the negative effect of labelling people

to develop attitude of accepting others whichever their identities are

to promote common cultural heritage

to promote tolerance and respect towards differences

to develop inter-cultural dialogue and respect

to develop their English and digital skills