Survival guide for Amazon Jungle

By Cody Cao

Amazon jungle description

My plane has crashed in the amazon Jungle/rainforest.I have crashed in South america.The climate is rainy for most of the year then dry for some of the year.The Amazon jungle takes up 50% of Peru territory.It can be 50m to 1000m up to 1000m to 2500m.The tempeture can range to 23 degrees celcuis to 40 degrees celcuis.The amazon jungle is tropical.

Four survival steps for the Amazon jungle

The four steps to survive the Amazon jungle are these 4.

1.Carry a gun

2.Eat food you are familier with.

3.FInd a water source(make sure it is not salty or dirty)

4.Build a shelter

Animals that live in the Amazon jungle

Plants of the Amazon jungle

The bromeliad plant

The bromeliad produces pineapple for food.


It can give skin rashes if not careful.



Big image

The Kapok tree