Red Ribbon Week

Hailey Holt

The Story Of How Red Ribbon Week Started

Because HORRIBLE drug takers and dealers one day special agent “Kiki” Camarena was kidnapped on February 7, 1985. He was tortured and murdered by drug dealers. The sad death of “Kiki” make Americans realize that there is lots of danger with drug dealers, and takers. The first red ribbon week was celebrated in LaMirada and Norwalk, Calofornia. In 1988 the first red ribbon week started worldwide.

Why I choose to be drug free.

I will always choose to be drug free because I want to live a healthy life. If I do drugs I could kill myself or others people. Being drug free is a perfect fit for me.

Always choose to be drug free.

Tips To Stay Drug Free

Just say NO!!!!!

Stay away from drug dealers and takers.

Choose your friends wisely only hang out with drug free people