Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Academy- January 15, 2016

Our Mission and Vision


To prepare students to become responsible 21st Century leaders and citizens in a global society.


Killian Elementary School, with the support of its parents and community, dedicates itself to providing an innovative curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment that will prepare students to be productive citizens in a global society.

"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt


LaTasha Harris- 1/16

Happy Birthday!


Mr. Richard Stevenson will be our long term sub in Ms.Thompson's class beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2016. Please welcome him to the Killian Team. He will be with us until Mr. Gray returns from student teaching in May.

Morning Meeting Reminder

Morning meeting is the expectation for every classroom, everyday. Please ensure this occurs between 8:05 and 8:30 each day.

Lost and Found

Please have your students look at the organized coats hanging in the cafeteria. There are a LOT of very nice coats waiting to go home. Thanks to Ms. Watkins and Mr. Frazier they are color “coated”. Get it?

Leader in Me

We will continue to focus on Habit 4 through the end of January. Here are some lesson plan ideas you can use for your grade levels. To log on to the website for the first time, you just need to use your school email address and create a password. Enjoy!

Kindergarten and 1st grade plan:

2nd and 3rd grade-

4th and 5th grade-

Teacher Tidbit

Captioning to Support Literacy

Captions can provide struggling readers with additional print exposure, improving foundational reading skills.

In a typical classroom, a teacher may find many students who are struggling readers, whether they are beginning readers, students with language-based learning disabilities, or English Language Learners (ELLs). One motivating, engaging, and inexpensive way to help build the foundational reading skills of students is through the use of closed-captioned and subtitled television shows and movies.

These supports can help boost foundational reading skills, such as phonics, word recognition, and fluency, for a number of students. Given the wide (and inexpensive) availability of captioned and subtitled media on broadcast television, on DVDs, and online, it can be a valuable addition to your teaching of diverse learners.

-Thank you Ms. Kendra Waring for sharing this valuable tip! Thank you Dr. Richardson for providing the awesome write-up! Teachers, if you have any "tidbits" that you would like to share with everyone, please send it to Ms. Gore so that it can be added to the "Friday ROAR!" We learn best from each other.

100th Day of School!

As you know, our days were thrown off due to the days missed during the floods. February 5th is the 100th day. Please plan your 100th day activities for this date.

Read to Succeed

All schools are required to host someone from the district office to share about courses for the Read to Succeed add-on certification. Mrs. Michelle Taylor-Brown will meet with each grade level team during planning on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Please put this date on your calendar.

A Closer Look

PE Rotation Week

Monday, January 18

No School/ MLK Day

Tuesday, January 19

Final Grade Due- 8:00 am

KIT Team Meeting 12:30 pm

Wednesday, January 20

STEAM Advisory Team Meeting 3:30-4:30 pm

Thursday, January 21

Dr. Doug

Friday, January 22

Report Cards Go Home

Looking Ahead

Guidance Rotation Week

1st Grade Ravens Testing Window

3-5th Grade District Writing Assessment Window

Monday, January 25

Team Leader's Meeting 3:30-4:30

Tuesday, January 26

Wednesday, January 27

School Health Council Meeting 3:30-4:30

Thursday, January 28

Dr. Doug

Friday, January 29

Awards Day