Archimedes of Syracuse

By:Mackenzie Haensgen

What Is Pi?

Pi is the circumference of any circle divided by the diameter of the circle. Pi is also irrational meaning that the number has no end. There have been 10 trillion digits recorded!


Here are just some of the digits in pi.

Who found the infinite number?

Over the years there have been a great amount of attempts to solve the infinite number, or pi. But many people just couldn't calculate it correctly. That was until Archimedes of Syracuse came along and had the closest estimate in his time to pi.


This is a model of what Archimedes may have looked like.

Who is Archimedes?

Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician. Archimedes also studied astronomy, was an inventor, and was a physicist.There's not much known about his childhood other than the fact that he was born in 287bc. But anyway, aside from pi, Archimedes also had findings that led into hydrostatics, and integral calculus. But in 212bc, when Archimedes was 75, he was murdered. Since Archimedes was such a respected person, he was honored by having a sphere within a cylinder engraved on his stone to represent his geometrical treatises.

What Was His Life Like?

Growing up, Archimedes father was an astronomer, and a mathematician. Naturally he grew interested in anything that had to do with problem solving. He learned all he could from his teachers, until he traveled to Alexandria Egypt to study. He went there because Alexandria had a reputation of great learning and scholarship. After Archimedes finished his time studying, he began a life of inventing, and learning anything and everything he could.


How Did Archimedes Calculate pi?

Archimedes calculated pi even before calculates was invented and here is how. Archimedes basically made many polygons inside of circles. He would find the perimeter of the polygon and compare it to the circumference of a circle to see if he needed to make a bigger polygon (to make it more accurate) or to stop and say that it was just about right. He went all the way up to a 96 sided polygon before finding an approximation between 3 1/7, and

3 10/71 for pi.

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This is a very accurate way in which Archimedes calculated pi.
How did Archimedes Calculate Pi?

How and When Did Archimedes Die?

In 212BC when archimedes was 75, he was very deep into research project , a soldier told Archimedes to come with him. Since Archimedes was deep into his thoughts he refused. Then, the soldier took his sword and killed Archimedes.