Payment Confirmed!

Your payment of the Enrollment Deposit was successfully received. You are cleared for registration. Follow the next steps outlined below to complete your online registration.

1. Login to My.Jessup with Your Jessup Credentials

As a WJU student, your username and password grant you access to our numerous online resources. Your My.Jessup account also enables you to view your Student and/or Financial Aid status. After logging in for the first time, we recommend that you personalize your password.

(example log in credentials)

  • Student ID: A0990012345
  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: firstname.lastname2345 (last 4 digits of Student ID)

This username and password grants you access to My.Jessup which is the gateway to your Student Portal, Jessup email account, Moodle, and registering for classes.

2. Register for Courses

To learn how to register for classes and navigate through Financial Aid, Moodle, and your Jessup Email, it is REQUIRED you watch our very helpful and informative Registration Video Tutorials (you will need to login to My.Jessup using your credentials from Step 1 to login--see above).

*Register no later than midnight, April 24, 2016.

3. Complete Your Financial Aid Package (if applicable)

Submit the FAFSA along with any other financial aid documents requested in your Student Portal.