Fallen angels

by: walter dean myers

The book the war the rage the death of many

Quote : "we listened to sergeant Dongan talk about how hard the Korean war was but i did not care i hadn't been in korea, i hadn't been in any war but im here in nam and here is where my war is."- Richie Perry

The summary

it was the time of the Vietnam war and richie perry joined the army and is sent to nam to fight but when the soldiers he meets think the war is almost over an attack happens and they wake up to realize that its not over the treaty was not signed and all perry, jenkins, and peewee think of is how they will survive in a world where anyone can be your enemy.

dont miss out on this fantastic book about such a tragic war that felt like it would never end.
The war tears the south and the north like it did in our country why cant it be over i have lost my friends i lost my sanity i miss my family and at night i struggle to sleep because all i hear is the sound of bombs going off and the helicopters and planes going around in the night sky why are we here what is the point if everyone wants to kill us save us spare us send us home what is this logic what are these lies i hear about the war being over what is the point , JUST SEND ME HOME.
if you love this smore and your interested in this book then buy it because maby no one els has this book and you can shove it in your neighbors face and say look what i have so dont miss out but do be warned this book will make you feel as if there were other ways and why did we send the soldiers over there when they didnt need them and why did we send people when we knew they were gonna die for no purpose.