Alan Turing

Who was He

Who Was Alan Turing?

Alan Turing was born on the 23 of June in 1912 in London. He was the man who created the first computer called 'the Bomb' in WWII to crack the German Code.
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What did he do?

In 1936 Turing went to Princeton University in America and he returned to England in 1938 he began to work as a secret part time for the British cryptanalytic department, the Government Code and cypher school. When WWII broke out he took it up full time work at headquarters. He played a vital role in cracking the German Enigma Code, which proved intelligence for the British allies. He eventually invented a machine that could crack the code of the Germans and this machine was called the Bomb. He soon became very well known for making this machine.
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What did he do after the war?

After the war Alan Turing worked in a National Physical Laboratory from 1945 to 1948.His plan was dismissed by his colleges and this stopped him from making the first ever computer. He went to Manchester University where he where he directed the computing laboratory. In 1951 he was elected a fellow Royal Society.

He was arrested?

In 1952 Alan Turing got arrested and was tried for homosexuality, then a criminal offence. To avoid being thrown into prison he accepted injections for the next year that would stop him from being gay.

When did he die?

Alan Turing committed suicide on the 7 June 1954. he committed suicide because he couldn't deal with the injections to turn him straight.
Alan Turing - Celebrating the life of a genius