Macbeth's Macdeaths

The start to Macbeths downfall.

Who is to Blame.

The reason Macbeth went on his little downward spiral of insanity is obviously because of his wife, Lady Macbeth.“O, never Shall sun that morrow see!” (Shakespeare 35). In this quote Lady Macbeth is tellin Macbeth that King Duncan will not see the sun tomorrow because she plans on killing him to fulfill the prophecy of Macbeth because king of Scottland like the witches told him. “and live a coward in thine own esteem, Letting “I dare not” wait upon “i would”... ( Shakespeare 43). Lady Macbeth is explaining to Macbeth that if he does not kill Duncan he will be a coward and that he is letting his own selfish thoughts get before him. “‘It is a sorry night’ ‘A foolish thought to say a sorry night’” (Shakespeare 55). In this quote Macbeth says it is a sorry night because he had killed Duncan but now he feels bad about it sayin it is sorry that he has done that while on the other hand Lady Macbeth says that feeling sorry is a fooliah thought because he needed to kill Duncan so Macbeth can now be king like the witches said to do. Without Lady Macbeth being there to lead him on into doing all of these awful deeds Macbeth would have never done them on him own and he never would have had his down fall.
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Movie Connection.


Norbit-Eddy Murphy.

Rasputia- Eddy Murphy.

The reason I chose the movie norbit to represent Macbeth is because Rasputia, Norbit wife is b very controlling towards him and for the most part he doesn't have a lot of say in what he does because his wife always is telling him what to do. Macbeth wife does the same to him.

Norbit Trailer


Macbeth is my dear whom i do control

Macbeth is my love the mate to my soul

he does what i say or i call him lame

then i tell him “find someone else to blame”

he does all these deeds he does them for me

he does all these deeds so he can be king

It is his great fate to be king of thane,

King of all Scottland, king of everything

It is true the three witches told him so,

They told it to him and also banquo,

and now king Duncan shall not anymore,

This fate is for king, the king of cawdor

Even if we go a little insane,

Macbeth my love will be great king of thane.
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Literary devices. Imagery.

There are many literary devices in the play Macbeth. One of the literary devices I chose was imagery. “Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air” (Shakespeare 7). This quote represents imagery because it is explaining fog and air and describing what they are. Hovering in the fog. And that the air is filthy. Imagery helps the reader visualize in their head a scene of a book or play to describe more in depth of what's going on. It helps you get a better understanding and makes the play more interesting overall.
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The play shows tragedy with all of the constant killing and murder going on throughout the story. Macbeth ends up killing Duncan which others perceive as a tragedy.“O Banquo, Banquo, Our royal Masters murdered” (idk yet). This quote represents tragedy because everyone in Macbeth castle has just found out that someone has murdered the king. Without tragedy the play wouldn't have all of the hurt after the killings and there'd be no good plot to the story badicslly. It ads entertainment & fascination.
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I chose symbolism as my last literary device because in the pay there are a lot of hidden symbols such as blood. "Go get some water and wash this filthy witness from your hand" (Shakespeare 57). In this quote the blood on Macbeths hand is the symbol for their guilt and witness of killing king Duncan. Symbolism adds a touch of mystery and makes the play sound better in detail.
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