Alice Paul

Ashton S

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Early Life

Alice was born January 11,1885 in New Jersey.Her parents raised her with belief in gender quality.She worked in New York City and England.She died July 9,1977.

Reasons for Being an Activist

She introduced the first Equal Rights Amendment in Congress.She was in the Nations World Womens parties.She and her friend Lucy Burns worked together to win the vote.Alice was admired for being brave and never giving up even when people yelled at her.

Important Events

She belived the true battle for equaity had yet to be won.Women were not permitted to manifest their latent political power.She was arrested on several occasions.She contined her fight for womens rights.


Alice was a trouble maker.She did not get an eqaul rights affirmation.She and other women marched and got attakted by an angery mob of men.She did not live to see the ERA.


She champed the cause of woman suffrage in Britain.She was unafraid to use dramatic tactics.During 1920s she earned three law degress.She became politically active and a leader.