You do NOT want to miss this!


Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 9am to Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 3am

This is an online event.

If you receive my monthly newsletter you will receive an EMAIL with a link! If you opt-in to the text messaging service you will receive a TEXT with the link! If you get confused (like I am most of the time) you can go ONLINE to www.mythirtyone.com/kimiradich and I think there will be a spot for you to click that says Outlet Sale.

When is it?!?!

Ladies (and gentlemen)! I am so excited to announce that Thirty One is about to have an OUTLET SALE!!! If there is a PATTERN or PRODUCT that you LOVED but it was discontinued...well, fret no longer! Sale begins Thursday, July 18th and ends Saturday, July 20th at 3:00 am or while supplies last! Shop online at www.mythirtyone.com/kimiradich and select OUTLET SALE. If you currently receive my monthly newsletter then you will receive an invitation that will give you a link but you can also use this link as well.

Ok, give me some details!!

Here’s a little background info. I am going to be completely honest. We had an outlet sale back April and I gave a challenge because in outlet sales in the past my sales numbers were pathetic. So, in April I decided I wanted to do a better job and y’all blew me away with your participation in the outlet sale! We have a little friendly competition going to see whose customers love the outlet sales the most. I KNOW my customers love Thirty-One so what do y’all say…let’s show the other teams that we mean business! As I have said before we are VERY limited on where we are supposed to advertise with SPECIFIC details (only on our closed group pages) and I try very hard to follow the rules but unfortunately that can hinder the amount of customers I can reach with this info. Here’s where I need help. Y’all know I like to reward my customers and hostesses so I am going to do a contest with this outlet sale. For each purchase you make over $25 (not every increment of $25) you will get a $10 gift certificate from me to use whenever you choose between September 2013 through December 2013 (brand new Fall catalog). For every person you send the link to that makes at least a $25 purchase you will receive a $10 gift certificate from me. You will need to ask the people you refer to let you know if/when they make a purchase from my website and then you will need to message me and let me know. In August, I should receive a report from Thirty One that will list each person that purchased and the amount of their purchase and I will be able to verify. Very important…please, please, please make sure you do not coerce anyone to not shop from their current consultant if they have one. I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. The person that refers the most people to purchase from the outlet sale from me will win a nice surprise gift from me! So, if you currently receive my monthly newsletter you will receive the link probably on Thursday. You can then forward it on to all your friends and family and explain what you are doing and encourage them to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! If you do not currently receive my newsletter, then message me in the next few minutes and I will add you. It’s ok if you do not. All you will need to do is send out an email or message your friends on here and explain about the outlet and the contest and forward the link that way. The outlet sale will include products from previous catalogs at discounted prices. If you are currently hosting a party for me this month this outlet sale should not affect your party sales because these products are not currently offered in the catalog. Any purchases from the outlet sale will not count toward party sales. Whew! That was long but worth the read!

What time does it start?!?

Well, we never really know until that day. Consultants are able to start shopping on Wednesday (another reason to enroll) and all we were told was that it would be open to customers on Thursday. I have created a Remind101 account for my customers! This is a Text Messaging System where I can send out QUICK information about specials and sales. I will use this system on Thursday to let you know when the Outlet Sale goes live as our email system will be SLOW from all the traffic on our sites. It's simple to join! Just text @iheart31 (you must include the @ sign) to 678-866-1580 and you will be added! This will NOT share your name or number with other customers and it is a one-way text program! So, you can receive my text but can't reply back or hear from anyone else. My Thirty-One team also uses this and with the fast pace of the world today I know many of you prefer text notifications! Also, I promise not to inundate you with a ton of texts. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Wait!! You mentioned that consultants get to shop a day early?!?!

Consultants get to shop first...beginning Wednesday! If you were a consultant you could SHOP on Wednesday and then invite your family and friends to shop on Thursday & Friday. YOU would get 25% commission PLUS the outlet sales would count toward incentives to earn more FREE products!

I want to join...but is the enrollment process complicated?!?!

Absolutely NOT! All you need to do is go to my website http://www.mythirtyone.com/kimiradich and click on "Join My Team". You will answer a few questions and voilà! You are now an official Thirty-One consultant! Your beautiful PINK enrollment kit box will arrive at your home and you are free to use it how you wish!

I LOVE my customers! Please help me get to know you a little better!


Respond to this email to let me know you read it and receive a 10% discount on your next regular purchase!