The Boston Massacre

Gabe Anderson

What is The Boston Massacre?

On March 5, 1770, three colonists were killed by Royal Troops from Great Britain. A large group of colonists were throwing ice chunks and coal covered in snow at the soldiers. The colonists then began to close in around the soldiers. At that moment a British soldier fired leading all of the other soldiers to follow suit. It is believed that the Captain of the squad had ordered his men not to fire but one soldiers must have panicked and fired on the crowd anyways.

Paul Revere's Engraving

Paul Revere decided to make an engraving about the massacre which was shown to the public. The picture shows the colonists being fired upon by the British soldiers. The picture is meant to make the soldiers seem worse than they are because it portrays the colonists to be going about their normal day. The picture also shows a small dog to show how "peaceful" the colonists were being. Although this engraving was very untruthful it became another reason for the colonists to want to become independent from Britain

The Trial

All 8 soldiers were put on trial, but Captain Preston was put on a separate trial than his soldiers. All of the British soldiers were represented by John Adams. This is very interesting because John Adams was a strong believer in the fact that the colonies should be independent from Britain. Only 2 soldiers were proven guilty and the rest were considered innocent and were said to be acting in self-defense.

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