MHPNA Winter Updates

Happy New Year!!

2022 Meeting & Blog Schedule

Happy 2022! It was great to see everyone at the holiday party last year! We want to thank Dr. Hayden and his staff at TMS Huntsville for hosting us! The holiday party could NOT happen without them!

A few reminders:

1) We need hosts for 2022 meetings. If you sign your practice up to host you have the option to do in-person or virtual. Our monthly meetings are definitely the icing on the cake of our community! Check out the Google sheet below to see the available months.

2) Blogging Schedule for 2022. I want to thank members who contributed to the blog in 2021. It was the first year for us to incorporate blogging and our therapists knocked it out of the park! Let's keep the momentum going in 2022. For those who signed up to blog this year, please double check the schedule as a reminder of the month you signed up for. The blog entry is due by the 5th of the month. Christina and I reserve the right to not post any blog.

3) Are you interested in being a guest blogger in 2022?? Check out the spreadsheet BELOW and sign up wherever you see an opening!!

4) NO GROUP IN JAUNARY. Instead we will host an Instagram LIVE taking your comments and questions.

No Surprises Act-What You Need To Know

The "No Surprise Act" went into effect 1/1/2022.

The intent of the act was written and directed towards hospitals to ensure that patients did not have any surprise bills after receiving treatment. The bill ensures that hospitals or providers must let patients know if they are seeing a practitioner who is not in network with their insurance and what charges will be incurred from seeing the doctor, having a test done by someone not covered by their insurance.

Here is a link with more details:

This act affects all of us providing mental health services. Christina and I plan to host an Instagram Live this month to discuss this issue among more of your questions and comments regarding this and other topics that are important in our community.

MHPNA on Instagram!

In 2021, we joined Instagram!! We have a few posts up now and we are hoping to continue to grow our accessibility and online presence in 2022. With that said, this month we plan to do an Instagram Live to discuss topics and answer questions that are important to you and our community. I have included a Google form below for you to submit questions and comments for the Live, however, we will also take questions and comments while on LIVE. We are hopeful that doing this will be another way to receive and share important information.

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MHPNA Resources/Google Documents

Christina recently sent out our Google docs via email. These documents are one of the greatest resources our group has! Therefore, it is very important that we keep them as up-to-date as possible. Please review your information to be sure it reflects your current information. If you are NOT accepting new clients please highlight your name on the master therapist list. This helps anyone using the list to immediately identify who is available and who is not. BIG THANKS to those of you who have already done this! It helps keeps us a viable community resource!!