Be a Friend NOT a Bully

Bullying happens somewhere, sometime, in almost every school

Why do you want to be a bully

Bullying is one of the most common things in school you here about today. So..... lets put an end to it, say kind words to someone, if there alone go up and say hi, or just ask them how there day has been. Be a friend, not a bully.

What happens when you are bullied???

Bullying is almost like telling someone to go away you don't want them here, and that really affects there life. Some people take matters in there own hands and tell an adult what is going on but, others don't they keep it all inside tell they decide they are done getting treated the way they do and just end it. So if someone being bullied tell an adult, or help them out don't just sit there and watch, you never know you might be the next person to put an end to bullying.