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To do list:

Quarterly Common Formative Assessment Reporting form. Done.

Evidence of Practice in Action. Done.

Valentine's Day. Done.

Teacher Swap. Done.

Review data. Done.

Prepare for MCAs. In progress.

Sign up for February coaching session. Done?

With February Funk in full swing, the "to-do list" can seem daunting. Never fear! Your Instructional Coaches are here! Research shows that traditional "one-shot" professional development has a 10% implementation rate while Instructional Coaching has the potential to reach an 80% implementation rate. Why? Well, teachers learn from one another all the time sharing lesson plans, assessments, activities and ideas about individual students. So, be sure to sign up on the coaching calendar. And remember the peer observation program? Observing a colleague teaching guided reading, guided math, or implementing technology might be just what you need to get you out of the February Funk.

(Psst! on "February Coaching sign up" to sign up!)

PRACTICE POINTERS: Formative Assessment in Action: Clarify, Elicit, Interpret, Act

Formative Assessment is a powerful tool that teachers use daily to maximize learning in the classroom. See it in action in the 15 minute video below.