Pig Pregnancy

By: Grant and Hayden

Reproductive cycle:

Age at puberty- 5-8 Months

Duration of Estrus- 5 days

Length if Estrus Cycle- 16-25 days

Length of Gestation- 115 days

Time of breeding cycle-seasonal (if so, what season?) Year long

Signs of Estrus- Immobilization to back pressure, riding eachother, finding the boar.

Pregnancy diagnosis

How can you tell if that species is pregnant?- Pigs have clitoral hood of a gilt that stands up when pig is pregnant.

Methods of pregnancy detection- Ultrasound, vaginal biopsy, Vulva inspection

Care at Parturition- Clean the area and place wood chips down. Wash the mom on her side and belly. Place pig 4-5 days in stall before farrowing.

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Types of Breeding and Growth and Development

Breeding- AI or Natural

Rate of Growth- By 10 weeks 60 lbs. By 20 weeks 220 lbs

How to increase growth- Feed with high protein. Also fat supplements de-worm every 30 days. Get rid of internal parasites.