Event Planner

What are the job responsibilities?

  • event planners create, organize, and supervises every element of an event, meeting or incentive.

What skills and personal characteristics are necessary to do this?

  • skills needed are: Good organization skills, time management, people skills, communication skills

There are many different types of event planners. Here are some examples:

What training and/or education is required for this job?

  • There are no universal education requirements needed to start this career, but event planners need a certain set of skills, one may might be by getting a bachelors degree, They must have phenomenal communication skills.

What is the working environment like?

  • Most event planners work full time, they often work many additional hours to finalize preparations. This can be fast-paced and demanding.

What is the average salary?

  • The average salary in may 2014 was $49,490