By Franck, Michelle & Simran

Ronasa Lo Venta

We welcome you to the land of Aquarius where the water is clear blue and filled with art. We assure that there is a place from everyone at Aquarius, even you!

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Our Land & Industry

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-Aquarius is 30 times SMALLER than Earth-

  • Aquarius is a modern, urbanized world that is situated under the ocean.
  • Aquarius revolves around an arts based industry.
  • Aquarius’s building are exceptionally strange and each one of a kind.
  • The arts industry allows individuals to explore their inner creative side, whether its in fashion, music, photography,
  • The methods of transportation include swimming to near by locations or taking the floating bus for long hauls.


Aquarius's Inhabitants

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-The Aquarians-

  • The inhabitants of Aquarius include mermaids and mermen who are legendary aquatic creatures with the head and upper body of a female/male human being and the tail of a fish.
  • Marine creatures also inhabit Aquarius. These creatures live amongst the mermaids and mermen in equality.
  • All inhabitants design their own fins with paint to echo their personalities and life.
  • Inhabitants communicate with a language called Afmarin.
  • The residents of Aquarius are called Aquarians.



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-Aquarians Live In Equality-

  • No direct or indirect discrimination is allowed on the lands of Aquarius.
  • Harassment is not tolerated on the land of Aquarius, and people who violate this law may be banished from the Aquarius.
  • Consequences for such action include banishment or isolation time (depending on the severity).
  • Anyone and everyone are allowed to enter the land of Aquarius (Open entry city).
  • Aquarius is a land that allows individuals to explore themselves and their lives, so anyone who thinks that aren’t receiving that freedom somewhere else, are allowed to do so in Aquarius.


Permitted activites

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-The Arts-

  • Activities such as singing, dancing, painting, photography, are all allowed in Aquarius.
  • Individuals are allowed to express themselves in the streets, and anywhere in the open, as long as it’s something that’s not harming another resident of Aquarius.
  • Aquarians are open to following the dominating religion of Aquarius, but they have the freedom of religion and freedom of belief that supports the freedom of an individual or community
  • National sport is underwater volleyball


Government of Aquarius

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-Her Majesty the Queen of Aquarius-

  • Aquarius is ruled by a Monarchy that allows the land total freedom that gives Aquarians complete power and right to act, speak, or think, as they want without hindrance or restraint from the government.
  • The Queen of Aquarius has Savant Syndrome.
  • All Aquarians are satisfied and content to be ruled under their Majesty the Queen of Aquarius.


Religion & Morals

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-Life of Salvation-

  • Aquarius’s religion is called Aquium
  • There are 5 main Water Gods in Aquium (Qobus, Rakeyar, Idur, Cedteus, Toohr)

The morals and ethics are all listed in the 9 commandments of Aquium:

1. Do not have sex before marriage

2. Serve fish kind.

3. Tell the truth and only the truth.

4. Be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and the Water Gods.

5. Do not judge anyone else art’s abilities.

6. Keep all your promises.

7. Have complete self-control.

8. Seek Justice and speak up.

9. Be generous.


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