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Week 2: First Meet at Huntington Hills - How It Works

Hi Tiger Shark Fam!

What a whirlwind WEEK ONE was! Everyone seems to be working out the kinks after a year off! Thank you all for being so flexible with our schedule. So much important information each week, please read through!

Highlights of this Newsletter:

  • Ins and Outs of the Huntington Hills Meet (Please read thoroughly)
  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Picture Day Info and Form (June 9)
  • Fundraisers Deadlines
  • Practice Schedule (June 7 -11)


Additional Reminders:

  • Practices will NOT be canceled due to rain, please join our group on Remind for cancellations: https://www.remind.com/join/ptigersh
  • Please do not drop off your swimmer before 7am on practice days, as a safety protocol from the city there will not be a supervised adult to be with your child.
  • No congregating in the bathrooms or shower areas.
  • If you have questions regarding swim team, please address board members or coaches (after practice). The pool staff is separate from the team and is unable to answer your questions.
  • Parents, keep clear of the swimming deck during practice times. It is unsafe to try to hold a conversation with a coach while we have swimmers in the water. The same goes for trying to talk to your swimmer during practice. Parents are to remain in the grassy areas or under the awnings of the pool.

HUNTINGTON HILLS MEET - Everything you need to know!

Wednesday June 9th

Huntington Hills Pool - Froggers

6600 Springbrook Drive Northwest

Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Arrival: 4:45pm

Warm Ups (Away Team): 5:00pm

Meet Starts: 5:30pm

End Time: Approximately 8:30/9:00pm

From the Froggers:

We are asking to limit attendance to swimmers and parents where possible. As you know, our pool is part of the Huntington Hills neighborhood, and our parking is limited to our pool lot and designated areas near pool. We will have parking attendants to help guide parking. We just ask that you please not park in any of the residents' yards.

We plan on having a full concession stand and Kona Ice in attendance. We are also allowing tents in the pool grounds as long as the ground is not saturated or it is not pouring down rain. If that is the case, we typically move to the parking lot for tent setup. We will have a bullpen for all swimmers due to the size of our teams and it being the first meet in awhile.

What to Bring:

  • Purple competition suit, Tiger Sharks Swim Cap (will have some for sale), goggles, towels, sharpie (to write events on swimmer's arm and name and PTS on swimmer's back)
  • Chairs, extra towels, snacks (concessions available), blankets, tents (personal preference)

Before the Meet:

  • Declare your swimmer by 7pm on Monday (video how to at the bottom of this email)
  • Sign up to volunteer (video how to at the bottom of this email)
  • Check your email for your swimmer's entries. How to mark your child up for events is in the team handbook.
  • Check in your swimmer with our Junior Coaches. Look for them near the back fence with the Tiger Sharks banner.

During the Meet:

  • Locate Bullpen numbers near the pool deck, these will tell you what events they are setting up in the bullpen. Bullpen workers will be calling out kids' names but be aware of when they are swimming, so they don't miss it. They will get your children to where they need to be. The bullpen is an area where they will be setting up the swimmers in their lanes several heats prior to their event.
  • After your child swims their events, have them talk to Coach Cara so she can give them pointers on what to work on. BONUS: She will most likely have fun treats to hand out!
  • Please keep your children out of the diving well and other pool areas. The only people who should be in the water are the swimmers in current events.
  • Please do not crowd the timers while you are watching your child swim. They are there to do a job.
  • Take lots of pictures and send them to TigerSharks.us@gmail.com, so we can post them.
  • ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! We are here for the kids!


You are representing our team, please behave appropriately and be respectful to the facility and the hosting team.

PICTURE DAY (June 9th)

Picture Day - please wear team shirts, we will have extras if you didn't receive one.

Peace UMC (235 Diley Road) Drop in anytime:

Start: 8:00 AM

End: 11:00 AM

Picture Day is here!!! Please drop in to get your picture taken for our composite anytime from 8am-11am at Peace UMC (235 Diley Road).

Order forms are in your swimmer's folders or you can print your own out (down below).

Even if you aren't ordering individual pictures, please come for the team picture.

*As a reminder, there is NO practice this morning due to an in-service day at the pool. Parents please stay with your children as we will not be responsible for them at the church.

Make sure to wear your team shirts!

Practice Schedule and Events: June 7-11

Monday (June 7)

11 and up: 7:00am -8:00am

10 and under: 7:45am - 8:45am

Tuesday (June 8) Please note times

11 and up: 7:00am -8:00am

10 and under: 7:45am - 8:45am

Wednesday (June 9)

Picture Day at Peace United Methodist on Diley Road

NO PRACTICE (Inservice Day at Pool)

Thursday (June 10)

NO PRACTICE (Day after weekday meet)

Friday (June 11)

11 and up: 7:00am -8:00am

10 and under: 7:45am - 8:45am

Unless specified, your swimmer will be in the water. Please prepare accordingly.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please add these events and practice changes to your calendars:

  • June 13 - Executive Board Meeting (5pm at Combustion)
  • June 14 - Michael's Meats Fundraiser deadline
  • June 15 - Chipotle Night Fundraiser
  • June 19 - Pataskala B Meet (CHANGED TO AWAY AND IN PERSON)
  • June 26 - Home Meet against Canal Winchester
  • June 30 - Away Meet against Valley View
  • July 1: Float Decorating During Practice Time (In Service Day at Pool), Pick up Michael's Meats orders
  • July 3: Pickerington Fourth of July Parade (Starts at 10am, arrival time TBD)
  • July 10: Home Meet against Pataskala A
  • July 14: Away Meet against Baltimore
  • July 15: No Practice - day after swim meet
  • July 17: Car Wash at Advanced Auto Parts from 10am-1pm
  • July 18: CHAMPS at Pickerington Pool
  • August 5: Banquet/Pool Party 8pm-10pm

Yard Sign Fundraiser


  • send $20 via Venmo to @PTSSWIM (Include your swimmer's name and Yard Sign in the comments)
  • bring exact Cash to practices (in an envelope with your swimmer's name)
  • OR a Check to practices (made out to Tiger Sharks)
Any questions, please email Amanda Orr at amandaorr5308@yahoo.com
Big picture

Michael's Meats Fundraiser

With graduation parties, BBQ's, and the Fourth of July on the horizon, our Michael's Meats Fundraiser ends on June 14th.

The catalogs have arrived and are available in your swimmer's folders (one catalog per family).

If you will not be at the first week of practice for any reason, we will be able to drop off catalogs. Feel free to contact Lisa at rlwinters2002@yahoo.com

More information will be available when you receive your catalogs. One check per family. Have your customers pay you and then write one check per order form to the TIGER SHARKS (or Venmo)

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