The Walking Dead Watch Party

Season 6 Finally - Therapy Mixer

My Favorite TWD Fans!

I know you...

You either watch it alone so you won't be interrupted


You make it completely clear to your significant other that if he/she interrupts, then you will be forced to start the entire episode over from the beginning.

The Walking Dead - Season 6 Finale - Watch/Therapy Party

Sunday, April 3rd, 6:30pm

8010 Clydesdale Drive

Austin, TX

Tammy Underwood


Up for Grabs...

Discuss Daredevil Season 2 (SHANE!!!)

Do a shot anytime someone on the show says "Walker"...maybe not, but I'm not driving home.

Fill your drink everytime Rick yells, "KURLLL" ("Carl")

We may need some debriefing....

Don't read the spoilers, but we may need a little theraputic debriefing after this 90 minute season finale. Don't worry...there will literally be at least 2 certified Counselors at the party. I got you covered!
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Carl Pappa