August 2021

Dear TigerHawk Family,

As we move into the new school year, I am looking forward to having our kids back! I'm sure there are many questions to answer, "Will we be in person?" "Do we have to wear a mask?" "Can we still be quarantined?" "Will the school require the Covid vaccination?" and "Where can I find the football schedule?" are just a few that I heard in the last few days. I hope to address a few of these with this newsletter. Additional information can also be found in our updated Return to Learn plan (RtL).

NFV will work hard to keep students in school receiving their education. We believe that kids and families need the stability and consistency that onsite learning brings. The staff will continue to work hard to educate our kids in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

On May 19, Governor Reynolds signed HF 847. This new law prohibits a school district from requiring employees, students or the public to wear a mask on school property. Wearing a face covering is always a choice families have, however, the district is not able to enforce this choice.

The most recent guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health states that contact tracing and those deemed close contact individuals will not be quarantined. NFV asks that families continue to monitor student health before school, keeping students that do not feel well or show signs of COVID-19 at home. If someone is exposed, I strongly recommend wearing a face covering to protect others. It is best practice to use proper hygiene and distancing practices at all times, this helps prevent the spread of colds, flu, and COVID.

The state is the only organization that has the authority to require vaccinations. School districts do not have that authority, whether the flu, chicken pox or COVID. Additionally, NFV does not plan to track who has or has not been vaccinated. These are medical decisions that should be made with your family health care provider.

We have learned over the past year that information is always subject to change, particularly as we see COVID numbers flex up and down. The district will do our best to keep families informed if our guidance changes. I apologize for the delay in receiving this NFV Update, however, in an effort to provide the most up to date information, it seemed prudent to wait.

Our activities schedule can be found on the NFV website, under the Activities Calendar heading.

I am looking forward to a great school year and am excited to see our kids back in school!

Thank you,

Mr. Joe Griffith

School Lunch

During the 2021-2022 school year, the federal government will be paying for school lunches. We are excited to offer this to our families.

It is important to remember that this only pays for the regular meal. If you have a student with a big appetite, who takes extras or al carte items, you will need to keep money in their account as the federal funding does not cover these options.

If you think you may qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch waiver please complete the application. Qualified families can receive help paying for certain school fees. Additionally, portions of our school funding is based on the number of students that qualifies. We want to ensure our district's need is accurately represented.

School Funding

On November 2, the North Fayette Valley Community will be asked to support the implementation of the voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. This is a levy that our districts have historically supported. The current funding NFV receives does not provide enough money to properly take care of our facilities.

This is a funding stream that can be used to support building maintenance and update facilities. It can also be used for transportation and technology purchases. The PPEL cannot be used for salaries, benefits, instructional materials or classroom supplies.

Our district has some areas that need to be updated, for example the heating system in the old section of the high school building. There are other areas that need preventive maintenance, as well as efficiency updates that will, in the long run, save the district money.

Connect with NFV!

NFV offers many ways to connect digitally. Several of the great tools we use to help families and community members keep up to date are Facebook (North Fayette Valley Schools), Twitter (@NfvHigh) and our district website.

The district also uses TigerHawk Updates ( and Infinite Campus.

The TigerHawk Update link is on our district webpage. When school has school delays, cancellations or other announcements that could affect our school day, we use this tool.

Infinite Campus is used to push emails out to families and students. It is also a great way to monitor your students progress in school. This can be found at the bottom left of our district webpage.