SQ4R Study Strategy

Literacy Strategy #42 (page 129)

Instructional Focus & Grade Level

  • Comprehension & Content Areas

  • 6th-8th Grade

How It Works

  • Survey- Preview the reading assignment. Skim through introduction and summary.
  • Question- Turn each heading into a question before reading that section.
  • Read- Read the section.
  • Recite- Immediately recited from memory the answer to the question they formulated and other important information.
  • Relate- Think of ways to link new ideas that what they already know.
  • Review- Take a few minutes to review. Try to recall from memory the questions and answers they developed while reading.


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  • Causes students to do more than just read.
  • Must slow down and move through the steps.
  • Helps students remember big ideas presented in the reading.